Solubility Product Problem. I am REALLY stuck on this one :(?

What sulfide ion concentration is required to just initiate precipitation of CoS from a solution that is initially 0.10 M in Co++. Ksp for CoS is 4E-21. Assume all sulfide comes from CoS (no common ion effect)


Thank you for any help you can give me :)

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    CoS(s) ⇄ Co^2+(aq) + S^2-(aq)

    At equilibrium

    Ksp = [Co^2+][S^2-] = 4× 10^-21

    [Co^2+] = 0.10 M hence [0.10][S^2-] = 4× 10^-21 and [S^2-] = 4× 10^-20 M (you can multiply by 32 to get it into g L^-1 but that is not required). Any concentration greater than this value will cause pptn of CoS (if you like: Le Chatelier's: addn of S^2-)


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