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what do i do for a pulled lower back muscle?

I pulled my lower back muscle on june 19 the about two weeks ago. but it keeps having spasms even though i am taking it easy and not lifting. I want to find out how to heal and strengthen the back muscle afterwords i really dont want to be in pain for the rest of my life b/c of watering a tomato plant

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    The lower back muscles take the longest amount of time of all the muscles in the body to recuperate after a strain. The forearms, and calves are among the shortest. My only suggestion is to rest the muscle and not to put too much strain on it by picking up heavy objects. If you have some sort of lotion for pain and inflammation, by all means use it. Once you have fully recovered, you can strengthen your lower back by lying on your stomach and slowly lifting your chest and shoulders off the ground, holding for about 3 seconds at the top and then slowly back down again. You barely have to lift your chest and shoulders off the ground, and don't lift them too high because it's not good to arch your back too much. Do this about 20 times a day or until you can feel the muscles are working hard. DON"T OVERDO IT! Working the muscles too hard can cause injuries because if the muscles are too weak after exercise, and you perform a lifting task, the spine will take most of the pressure because the muscles are too tired to take the pressure. Over time you'll strengthen your back and prevent injuries while performing mundane tasks such as watering a tomato plant. But don't start the exercising until you have fully recovered. Back injuries can sometimes take months to heal completely. Be patient and listen to your body. Good luck.

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    Rest your back and put heat on it and that will sooth it

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