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I'm having trouble. I can't connect to this one particular website. It's on my bookmarks/favorites, but i can't connect from there. Even going through a different site's link, I still can't connect to it. When I try to run a diagnostic, it tells me there must be something wrong with the sites server. But I've spoken to the site's owner/runner, and she has no problem, and she's had no other people come to her with this problem. Is it my computer? My internet? And it's just this one site! Someone please help!

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    1 decade ago
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    You might be having server errors from the sounds of it. Then again it could easily be a browser issue. What browser service do you use?

    I find that I never have problems with Google Chrome, so if you don't use Chrome you should check it out. If Chrome is giving you grief I would suggest repairing your internet connection or checking the Google Chrome help desk for ways to repair your connection. If all else fails, download Firefox and use that (I tend to refresh continuously until the site shows).

    Have you tried connecting from other computers? If it's still the same error on those PCs then it's likely a server issue. If it opens on other PCs, then it looks like your browser or net connection is the source of your issue.

    Sometimes the website might be blocked too. Try accessing the site through a proxy and see if it makes a difference.

    Hope these work out for you. Let me know what happens :)

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