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Why is the human race so damn judgemental?

Seriously, I've been looking at people's questions asking if they are ugly or beautiful, and other people answer with stupid things like, 'I don't have to look, you're ugly because you have no self confidence.' or retarded things about having less self esteem issues. But can you really blame people for being insecure? Look at the media. If there was no media, we wouldn't feel the need to be 'perfect'. We are all individuals and we all have different appearances. There should be no Ugly or Pretty. If we weren't so judgemental on peoples appearances and actually accepted for our personalities, then no one would have a low self esteem.


Sorry about the group choosing. I was unsure of the proper group for this question.

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    Agree and it just keeps getting worse. Today's technology doens't help. From the web providing sites where we can "critique" celebs to sites that let us ask "Am i pretty, am i prettier than her?" I also blame the fashion and beauty world. They are so set on throwing airbrushed bodies and faces in our own faces, that we get sucked in and think we're not good enough. The celebs don't help either. They all act like they're "normal' but normal to most of us doesn't include a personal chef, personal trainer, make up artist, stylist. And then you have those men and women who are obsessed with appearance and only praise people who look a certain way. Hm? Just saw that on another question- someone asked if we could rate a certain girl and some people posted "ew, gross, she's a 2." That's just called bad parenting. Parents need to play a better role in keeping their kids confident as well as teaching kids how to be NICE to everyone despite their looks. I know insecurity is something almost everyone will go through in life, but its getting out of hand.

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    I think it is necessary for us to be judgmental. Being critical of others serves as a sort of social safeguard in society to keep people from behaving immorally. For example: why don't women go around sleeping with hundreds of men? Because they fear of being socially perceived as a "slut" or "whore". But so what, you may ask? Why not let them do what they want? Well, for one, HIV and other STDs would be easily transmitted. Hope that made sense.

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  • Trish
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    I agree with you one hundred percent.I don't understand our society and why instead of encouraging self esteem we find more joy in ripping someone apart.

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  • 10 years ago

    I agree with you too

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  • shroud
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    10 years ago

    as compared to who or what

    Source(s): by the way the question is in itself judgmental
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