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Size In A Fight? Does It Matter, Doesn't It?

There is always an argument on this topic, does size matter in a fight, I strongly believe it doesn't, I generally get into fights quite a bit but only fight bigger guys than me, basically to prove to myself and prove to everybody else that size doesn't matter. So far I have been in quite a lot and have never come to a loss, against trained big guys or non trained big guys, makes no difference to me. Here is one of my encounters, this guy weighed 45kgs (99lbs) (I know this because we ended up being mates afterwards) more than me and we got into a fight over something really stupid but many people were watching and I wanted to prove that size didn't matter. Basically he threw a punch that got me in the face, I moved and he kept coming, I circled him and threw a little jab to open up on a straight right to the head, I moved him back a bit then I kicked him in the leg and he buckled a bit he threw a really sloppy punch to move me away and I saw an opening for a head kick, I got it and dropped instantly I jumped on him threw a couple of punches to his head then got up and walked off with my mates. They were with me after that on size not mattering. Now I see in the heavyweight division in MMA fights were the smaller guy absolutely kicks the crap out of the bigger guy here are some example, Fedor Emelianenko vs Hong Man Choi, Royce Gracie vs Akebono Tora, Fedor Emelianenko vs Semmy Schilt, Fedor Emelianenko vs Wagner da Conceicao Martins, Frank Mir vs Wes Sims, Fedor Emelianenko vs Tim Sylvia, Royce Gracie to be honest was smaller than most of his opponents. Also in boxing, Mike Tyson much smaller than most of his opponents and he destroyed them. Now there are many more examples, but how come so many people still think size matters, when there are so much proof that it doesn't, that skill is much more effective than size, thats the point in martial arts, why don't people get this. There are so many advantages and disadvantages to being smaller than your opponent. What is your opinion on this? If you are one of those people who think size matters, please tell me with all this evidence that it doesn't you still believe that it does.


Steve J, I am not a small man, I am quite big, but I choose to fight the bigger person because its actually proving something, I don't fight that often, but I have still been in many fights, I mean you could fight once a month for 3 years and you've got 36 fights which to most people is a hell of a lot. I think the better fighter wins, and this has been proven, why can't you understand this, Brazillian Jiu Jitsu, is one example of size not making the slightest difference.

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Also I take Muay Thai and BJJ, I spar with guys that are over a head taller than me, and I do fine, since were not actually trying to beat each other, I can't win anyway, but I do absolutely fine, using my advatages against him and trying my best to avoid is advantages such as I am faster than a bigger guy, so I use my speed to move away from his strength and to get more hits in, therefore I am winning, eventually the bigger guy will go down, they are human and it only take a certain amount of well placed shots to drop him.

Update 3:

I don't get into fights that often, I have just been in plenty but thats over a lifetime. Also I do agree size matters, but I only think it matters in the strength department. If you have too much strength, chances are you lack in speed or endurance. If you have to much speed, chances are you lack in strength. But I think no fighter can have the best of all attributes, so you have to come down to skill and cleverness. Thank you to help me fully come to this conclusion.

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    Size does matter. Technique can overcome size; it's what it is designed to do. But all things equal (skill, training, and preparadness) then advantage goes to size and strength.

    I learned in JKD Concept the theory there are 5 physical attributes of fighting: 1) Strength 2) Speed 3) Power 4) Flexibility & 5) Technique. Of the 5, technique is the best but all 5 factor in when fighting.

    A smaller person beating a larger is more skilled and is able to use their own attributes, most likely technique, to overcome the size advantage of their opponent.

    Note: Power is different than strength in that is how effecitively one is able to apply strength and speed in an accurate way on a target.

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    You are misunderstanding the adage and missing the point. Size implies strength which is finite and limited. You can always defeat strength with more strength. But skill is only limited by your commitment and at a certain point, the difference in skill does not afford a significant advantage, so that a fight between two fighters of near equal skill is really a toss up. Whereas, the outcome of a fight between two lug-heads slugging it out is a foregone conclusion - the big guy wins. In the context of how much skill and what kind of tactics, yes size does matter in the sense that you have to factor into your fight such things as the reach of your opponent, where to strike and what NOT to use. For example, if your opponent is taller and your high kick only reaches his chest it would be suicidal to use high kicks. If he has a longer reach, then you need to be even faster and careful in closing the range. In the real world, you don't get a choice of the size of your attacker. It's not like the UFC, MMA, boxing, etc. where there are weight classes. What are you going to use if you meet a mugger bigger than you? Strength or skill?

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    Ah, "small angry man" syndrome - pity. Finding bigger people and provoking them into fights that you know you will win due to being more experienced is a bad habit and you should get over it.

    Seriously. The fact that you are obsessing with this fight shows you have the beginning of quite a bad mental problem there too and may have to seek help.

    The old saying in boxing is "a good big 'un will always beat a good little 'un" and remains true - if all else is roughly equal, the bigger will usually beat the smaller.

    Cheers, Steve.

    PS quite serious about your bad attitude and your willingness to show off for your "mates", most of whom no doubt think somewhat less of you than you fondly imagine - this is not good, it is NOT the fault of your victims that you are so short. His version of the fight might be "I am a peaceable guy doesn't like violence, this mouthy little guy forced me into a fight by humiliating me in front of lots of people. I never really wanted to hurt anybody, then it turned out he fights all the time and beat me up for no reason but to make himself feel good".

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    Well first off you sound like your either really full of yourself or just a complete a**, either way getting in many street fights just proves you don't the first thing about martial arts as the first rule is to only fight if you must, unless you're fighting professionally or in amateur competitions then you shouldn't be fighting as frequently as you claim to be.

    Secondly, size doesn't matter, it's the skill of the fighters that determines the outcome, if you have two fighters of equal size and skill it's gonna come down to either who wants it more or who lands the right shot at the right time.

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    I believe that a lot of people will agree that getting into fights often just to prove that size doesn't matter is not the attitude expected of a martial artist; in fact, it is simply wrong... But I digress...

    Size does matter; but not in a way that it is the deciding factor of a "fight". Let's just say, that difference in weight is something to consider. For instance, I train in aikido and judo; one of the most basic concepts when setting up for a throw is to move your center of gravity below that of your opponent's, and then extending your opponent's center of gravity beyond his ability to support. Here size "matters" in that it influences how techniques are done.

    Also - theoretically - an advantage in size can be translated into being able to generate more momentum, longer reach, etc. Plus, society tends to see anything that can be an advantage/disadvantage as "unfair", especially in a competition, so as to ensure that it's pure skill that is at play. That's where, IMO, we get our notion of "size matters".

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    There is a reason they have weight divisions. Size is an advantage but it doesn't mean that size is everything. There are many advantages that you cannot see with the eye like speed, experience, strength, toughness, and etc.. Obviously these things are advantages too.

    Yes you can beat somebody bigger than you if you are tougher, faster, stronger, more experienced and etc.. BUT if the other guy has all those attributes too AND is bigger then he has the advantage.

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    Size does matter in a fight, but it is not the determining factor in every fight. Technique can overcome size. Luck can determine outcome. Knowledge can overcome size.

    I have always been considered small. Often people underestimated me. They soon found out that I was the wrong person to bother.

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    Martial Arts is about self defense, Not beating someone to a pulp just because you can. They teach you in all martial arts to walk away from a dangerous situation if you can. Yous should not have to resort to violence over "something really stupid". That is not what martial arts is for.

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    yes, the bigger they are the louder the noise they make when the hit the ground.

    skill matters more then size. if you dont have the skill to back up your size.. it wont matter..

    i woke out with a guy that has 40lbs on me easy plus hit... in close he cant hit as hard any where near as hard as me.. he as little power.. i just have to make sure he doenst grab me.. he his grappling is better then mine.. but at a distance he has the power, lucky hes not as fast as me..

    skill, technique are important .. size is only good if you have them if not then size isnt that important

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    well depends, if you're both wrestling than yes it does matter to be bigger and muscular

    but if you know something like kung fu, its best to be fast, so size does matter but its better if your smaller because even though you don't have knock out punches and kicks you can still beat him, wear him down and dodge attacks quicker

    well it depends if you both have fairly equal skill level.. but as said before you can be 100 lbs and take out someone 150 lbs with ease

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