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what should i do????(real serious) my life is the worst.?

1.great grand daddy died (2009)

2.2nd cousin died. (2008)

3. house burn down (2009) lost ps3, laptop clothes, hdtv , money etc

3.move in with aunt with dad and brother.

4. soon got a new house

5.got a new laptop. screen got damage (2009)

6. got a new hdtv. cousin crack the screen (2009)

7.got a new laptop. sound card stop working (2010) soon got it fix

8.some one broke in our house. stole my 2 cameras,my wallet and my jordan bookbag (2010)

9. started back college (2010)

10.laptop screen spark now its half viewable

11.recently got jump and robbed.

12. got a new ps3.updated firmware. now it always get system error 80010006. cant boot up

13.car got repo.

14.ac unit got strike by lighting now my house needs re wired. cant afford it.

15.family really not helping me.

16.got fired from work. couldnt no one to take me to work...

17. now i was just in a lil car accident and was stuck for hours

its a lil more things that happen to me in my life but i think i can stop there. im tired of crying everynight. nothing good ever happens to me. everytime i get happy something always come my way. what to do? what is this telling me? idk what to do more. i dont want to end my life..thats stupid..but thats the only thing i can think of. im tired of moving on past things and it always happens again!!!! please some one help me. plz answer my question. i realy appreciate it.

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    Everything in life is temporary. Agreed that you are going through a particularly tough phase in life , which has lasted a good two years or more , but things might get better tomorrow , or the next hour or the next minute . Don't lose hope. I'm sure one day ,everything will be allrite and you will look back adn say "i've lived through THAT, i can face anything now !"..Just hang in there , good times are right round the corner ..

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    Find out if it's just you being negative that's attracting all your list, by 1...moving away to a new testing ground. 2... buy a new computer when you go by selling all the things you don't really need in a garage sale. 3...make a list as long as this one about all the positive things that have happened to you for you to give your blessings for?

    Step outside your own victims box and be really open to self analysis character wise with no ultiria motive of judgment.

    With honesty...good luck should befall you if you now focus on that instead.

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    Sell your house, invest the money, and rent a reasonably cheap place that has good security. It sounds as though you can't afford to live the lifestyle you are currently trying to live.

    Get insurance on all the contents of your home. That way, when things go wrong with your equipment, you will be able to replace the items in most cases.

    Once you've sold your house, you will also be able to afford more, as far as getting faulty equipment fixed even that which is not covered by insurance.

    Hope that helps.

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    Fu*k thats all really messed up but hey life is filled with downers but just stay positive and just remember at least your getting all your bad karma out the way now keep your head up there is a plan in the works your life will get better and don't always focus on the negative there always a positive ALWAYS may not be the greats ones but there are positives

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    Dude its time to get off the cross and give someone else a turn. Everybodys life is full of problems. What makes you think you are so different. Just hang in there. Can things really get any worse?

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    o my gosh dude this is how life goes man, these are just small things like laptop n psps, i have broken my laptop thousand times man...actually i have broken allot of things, n i be happy lol. great grand daddy?? omg u should be happy he wus alive till this date, i m 17 i lost my great grand daddy centuries ago XD life and death goes on man, and breakin small appliances isent a big deal.

    what you should do is start a new life, a life with no stress, and believe me mate, its the stress and depression thats causing everything, and its you who can improve it. heres thing i recommend!

    1). stop drinking alcoholic drinks, late night party or things like that

    2). wake up in the morning, move out, and join a good yoga class... find a cool comforting place and do meditation (its an ancient indian art of mind control)

    3). be systematic, make your plans, calm your mind, dont cry in the night, just download some sleeptracks, get your ipod and close your eyes, think everything is gonna be fine. u will find free sleep tracks on google, and also on youtube. also check this site out http://www.free-hypnosisdownloads.com/

    you will get rid of headache and sleep

    4). dont forget to have a good meal, whole wheat, and try your best to control your mind, once you have a control on your mind, everything will be fine!!!! trust me!

    5). no offense, but try to be vegetarian, it will help!!!

    6). once you follow a rigid routine of mind control, and have a control on yourself, just look in the newspaper classifieds for jobs, trust me mate, there are allot of people offering jobs!!!

    and dude, life is like a game, u need all the control, and control your mind body, u control the GAME!

    listen to this song for starting a new life http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9K4BKkLaCI

    Youtube thumbnail

    will help u start your routine!!!

    Source(s): my controlled and calm mind XD lol and yeah also listen to this song it will help, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9K4BKkLaCI
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