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This is how the draw looks right now: (oh, and btw I made a new rule, any player who gets injured is replaced by the 2nd best ranked player of the same country)

(1) SERBIA (Djokovic and Jankovic)

ITALY (Starace and Schiavone)

(9) SWITZERLAND (Federer and Bacsinszky)

(8) GERMANY (Kohlschreiber and Petkovic)

(5) SPAIN (Nadal and Medina Garrigues) (Martinez Sanchez was replaced due to her knee injury)

KAZAKHSTAN (Korolev and Shvedova)

SWEDEN (Soderling and Arvidsson)

(4) FRANCE (Tsonga and Bartoli)

(3) USA (Roddick and Serena)

(14) POLAND (Kubot and A. Radwanska)

SLOVAKIA (Lacko and Hantuchova)

(6) CZECH REPUBLIC (Berdych and Safarova)

(7) AUSTRALIA (Hewitt and Stosur)

CROATIA (Cilic and Martic)

(15) BELGIUM (O. Rochus and Clijsters)

(2) RUSSIA (Davydenko and Petrova) (Dementieva was replaced due to her calf injury. Petrova is the 2nd best ranked russian, so she is Elena's replacement, but she isnt 100% healthy so I wouldnt be surprised if we had to replace her too)

Here are the match-ups:

(1) SERBIA (Djokovic and Jankovic) VS ITALY (Starace and Schiavone) - On hard

(9) SWITZERLAND (Federer and Bacsinszky) VS (8) GERMANY (Kohlschreiber and Petkovic) - On grass (surprisingly, federer and philipp played 5 times, 4 of their 5 matches were on grass)

(5) SPAIN (Nadal and Medina Garrigues) VS KAZAKHSTAN (Korolev and Shvedova) - On clay

SWEDEN (Soderling and Arvidsson) VS (4) FRANCE (Tsonga and Bartoli) - On hard

(3) USA (Roddick and Serena) VS (14) POLAND (Kubot and A. Radwanska) - On hard (Andy and Kubot played only 1 time, on hard, and Serena and Radwanska played 2 times, once on clay, and once on grass. I picked hard court because it was the most recent meeting (2009) )

SLOVAKIA (Lacko and Hantuchova) VS (6) CZECH REPUBLIC (Berdych and Safarova) - On hard

(7) AUSTRALIA (Hewitt and Stosur) VS CROATIA (Cilic and Martic) - No meetings, so I say on hard indoors :)

(15) BELGIUM (O. Rochus and Clijsters) VS (2) RUSSIA (Davydenko and Petrova) - On hard

Voting ends on Wednesday :)


oh, if you have no idea what I'm talking about, check these other two questions:;_ylt=Ak6ro...;_ylt=AnD8R...

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    Oh losing teams are out :(

    Okay, I'm doing match by match analysis :)

    (1) Serbia vs Italy: You know what's funny about this, Schiavone has won a slam, but JJ hasn't, haha. First match, Djokovic vs Starace. Djokovic has service yips throughout the match, but holds it together 7-6 6-3. Schiavone loves Fed Cup, and playing for her country, Italy. So this is right up her alley. So she pulls through, 4-6 7-5 6-4, in a emotional victory. But doubles is a different story, as Djokovic and Jankovic are too solid for the Italians. Serbia wins in three.

    (9) Switzerland vs (8) Germany: So Federer destorys Kohlshrieber. He wants Switzerland to come through. He wins 6-2 6-3. Bacinszky wants to impress the Fedster, but Andrea Petkovic is a rising star (she took off a set against Henin today). Andrea wins, 6-3 7-5. When doubles comes, Federer is too good for the Germans. Switzerland wins in 3.

    (5) Spain vs Kazakhstan: I like Medina Garrigues a lot better than Martinez Sanchez, so this change up is a pleasent surprise. Nadal gets over Korolev, it's on clay, c'mon. 6-2 6-1. Medina Garrigues is a solid clay courter, and she upsets the recent French Open quarterfinalist, 4-6 6-4 7-5. This switch up might give Spain some edge, because Medina Garrigues has won lots of doubles titles (2 French Opens) with Ruano Pascual. Spain in 2.

    Sweden vs France: Robin Soderling beats Tsonga, 6-4 2-6 7-6. Bartoli beats Arvidsson, 6-1 6-2. Who will win? I'm not sure, but Tsonga and Bartoli are a better pair, so they win in doubles.

    (3) USA vs (14) Poland: Hardcourt is all about the serve, and Serena and Andy have the serve.Roddick beats Kubot 6-3 6-3. Serena beats (the sometimes tricky) Radwanska, because she lacks a killer weapon. 7-6 6-2. USA in two.

    Slovakia vs (6) Czech Republic: Lacko, haha. Well Berdych makes quick work of him, 6-1 6-2. Hantuchova (now coached by Cahill) has show signs of improvement, so she beats Safarova, in a long one. 7-6 6-4 6-3. For doubles, Berdych's serve is a huge impact, and Safarova's strong game is too much for the Slovaks.

    (7) Australia vs Croatia: I never know what's up with Cilic, if he's playing bad or well. I do however know, Hewitt beat Federer this past week. So Hewitt upsets the Croat 6-4 1-6 6-2. Sammy Stosur handles Martic handly :) 6-1 6-0. Australia wins.

    (15) Belgium vs (2) Russia: Hard court has proved to be the place for Davydenko, even though he's just coming of injury, I'll give him the edge over Rochus, 7-5 6-4. Petrova demolished Clijsters in Melbourne, so hey, she has confidence. Nadia over Kim 6-2 6-2.


    Serbia in 3

    Switzerland in 3

    Spain in 2

    France in 2

    USA in 2

    Czech Republic in 3

    Australia in 2

    Russia in 2


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    Serbia vs. Italy: Djokovic beats Starace easily. The hard courts give Jankovic the edge and she beats Schiavone. Serbia in 2.

    Switerrland vs. Germany: Federer destroys Kohlschreiber to give the Swiss a 1-0 lead. Petkovic says not so fast as she beats Bacsinszky to tie it 1-1. Federer doubles skills shows up like they did in the olympics and Switerland wins 2-1.

    Spain vs. Kazakhstan: Nadal destroys Korolev and Medina Garrigues, a clay court specialist, finishes Kazakhstan off giving Spain the win 2-0.

    Sweden vs. France: Tsonga beats Soderling because it's on hard court. Then Bartoli finishes Sweden off by beating Arvidsson. France 2-0

    USA vs. Poland: USA 2-0 without even dropping a set.

    Slovakia vs. Czech Republic: Berdych give the Czech Republic an early lead, easily beating Lacko. Then Hantuchova, who is the better hard court player, beats Safarova. Hantuchova with the only real doubles experience leads Slovakia to victory. Slovakia 2-1

    Australia vs. Croatia: Hewitt finds a way to beat the tall skinny Cilic in a very long battle. Stosur handles Martic without any problems. Australia 2-0.

    Belgium vs. Russia: Of course Davydenko wins his match. Then Clijsters show us how well she can really play on hard and gets revenge for her bad loss to Petrova earlier this year. Clijsters and Petrova have had doubles success, but Rochus can't keep up with Davydenko, and Russia wins 2-1.

    In an easier way to read form:

    Serbia 2-0

    Switzerland 2-1

    Spain 2-0

    France 2-0

    USA 2-0

    Slovakia 2-1

    Australia 2-0

    Russia 2-1

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    Serbia 2-0 (i loveee the Serbs, and Jankovic and Djokovic could for sureeeee beat these italians. :P)

    Germany 2-1 (I love me an upset, & Perkovic is pretty great, & Kohlschreiber can give Federer a run for his money. :P)

    Spain 2-1 (on clayyyyy, Rafa would win, and Shvedova is doing pretty well, so it'd come down to a doubles match, and spain wouldd win. :)))

    USA 2-1 (no idea how this would pan out, maybe Roddick losing? or Serena would lose, (this isnt a slamm :| and Radwanksa is great..)

    Czech Republic 2-1 (Berdych is beautiful, Hauntachova is doing well, would probably win.. leaves it to a mixed doubles, and Berdych has a pretty solid net game.. :P

    Australia 2-1 Hewitt would lose , Stosur would win, and in the doubles, Stosur would help win it.. she is a great doubles player. :P

    Belgium 2-0 (Davy is not playing all that great coming off injury:( and Clijsters.. she is playing good coming off injury.. Petrova is playing great, but Kim could probably squeak out the win. :)

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    Okkk so u like ATCH ANALYSIS soo here u go.............

    (1) Serbia vs Italy:

    1.Djokovic vs Starace. Djokovic the 08 AO champ will win in 6-4 6-3 :)

    2.& I agree wth JBP that Schiavone loves Fed Cup, and playing for her country, Italy. But I still I guess the NO slam Jankovic will win in a hard 7-6 6-7 7-5.

    (9) Switzerland vs (8) Germany:

    1.So Federer vs Kohlshrieber.Well not as easy as others think avoiding the early upset Roger came back in last 2 sets & the score was 4-6 6-4 6-0.

    2.Petkovic here got Bacsinszky in straight 7-5 6-4(she is in form....defeating Henin boast up her confidence)

    3.Now in double Swiz are too good for Germans here as a team so Switzerland wins in 6-4 6-4.

    (5) Spain vs Kazakhstan:

    1.Okkkk so replacement anyway Nadal took just over an hour 2 defeat Korolev on clay.... 6-1 6-0.

    2.Medina Garrigues is quiet good on clay, but the the recent French Open quarterfinalist is in form so 6-4 3-6 6-4 in favor of Kazakhstan.

    3.So coming 2 the when Rafa is there on clay u can relax....& Medina Garrigues is a good doubles player as well so here Spain wins in 6-4 6-2.

    Sweden vs (4)France:

    1.Soooo it's on hard court & Tsong is far better hard courter but Robin is on fire now so unfortunately Robin beats Tsonga, 6-4 4-6 7-5.

    2.Bartoli beats Arvidsson, 6-1 6-2 easily.

    3.So now it come down to doubles...& Tsonga and Bartoli are a better pair, so they win in straight 6-4 7-5.

    (3) USA vs (14) Poland:

    It's hardcourt & u have 2 best hard court players...& it says all....

    1.Roddick beats Kubot 6-3 6-3in straight sets

    2.Serena beats Radwanska, in 6-2 6-0.

    Slovakia vs (6) Czech Republic:

    1.Lacko vs Berdych & Berdych makes no mistakes.....6-2 6-4.

    2.Safarova shocks Hantuchova in hard 7-6 2-6 6-4.

    (7) Australia vs Croatia:

    1.Cilic plays good & he has the age so 6-4 6-7 6-1.

    2.& here no surprise Stosur beat Martic in easy 6-2 6-2.

    3. When doubles comes as a team Australia is too good & they wins in 6-4 6-3.

    (15) Belgium vs (2) Russia:

    1. No matter what slam record says but Davydenko is hard to beat,even though he's just coming of injury, & he win over Rochus 6-4 6-2.

    2.Clijsters is confident & so as Petrova( spcly after Fo performance), but I would like 2 go for Kim in hard 7-5 6-7 6-4.

    3.But when it is doubles Russia dominates & they win comfortably 6-2 6-1.

    So finally:

    Serbia :2-0

    Switzerland :2-1




    Czech Republic: 2-0

    Australia: 2-1

    Russia: 2-1

    *I hope a small injury of Jelena Jankovic bring Ana Ivanovic on Serbia team later so that we can see the lovely NOVAK-ANA pair in doubles :)*

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    Oh no, I missed the quarters :( The first semi just changed a lot in my opinion! I'm going to say that Nadal would beat Djokovic, even on a hard court. I'm not quite sure Ivanovic could beat Medina Garrigues, but even if Ivanovic somehow won, Nadal and Medina Garrigues are better doubles players, Anabel being a Grand Slam champion on various occasions with Ruano Pascual. So Spain in 3. Hard Court. Hewitt is unpredictable to me, I never know if he'll force an upset. But I think Roddick would take him. And I know Stosur beat Serena at the French Open, but that was on clay. America in 2.

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    Serbia defeats Italy - 2-1

    Germany defeats Switzerland - 2-1

    Spain defeats Kazakhstan - 2-0

    Sweden defeats France - 2-1

    USA defeats Poland - 2-1

    Czech Republic defeats Slovakia - 2-1

    Australia defeats Croatia - 2-0

    Russia defeats Belgium - 2-0

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    Serbia 2-1

    Switzerland 2-1

    Spain 2-0

    France 2-1

    Usa 2-0

    Slovakia 2-1

    Australia 2-0

    Russia 2-0

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    (1)Serbia def Italy 2-0

    (9)Switzerland def (8)Germany 2-1

    Kazakhstan def (5)Spain 2-1

    (4)France def Sweden 2-1

    (3)United States def (14)Poland 2-0

    Slovakia def (6)Czech Republic 2-1

    (7)Australia def Croatia 2-0

    (2)Russia def (15)Belgium 2-0

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    serbia 2-1

    switzerland 2-1

    spain 2-0

    france 2-1

    usa 2-0

    czech republic 2-1

    australia 2-1

    russia 2-1

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