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I asked why people from the UK seem so snobbish against Americans and I got this long rant, is this typical?

I've never insulted people from the UK. My ancestors are from the UK, so I don't consider them "the enemy", nor do I dislike them. But it's hard to love England with people like the answer below. I don't support corporate wars, and I like how English people speak. Apparently this dame really can't stand anything about Americans. Take the time to read her rant and let me know if you agree or disagree with it, and why? I've also never insulted their teeth, and I believe there are fat people in England also. One more point, an English named company have destroyed our gulf with a huge oil spill. And another point, England is also over in Iraq and Afghanistan fighting, so I'm confused why the American people are exclusively blamed for these wars. Like I said, I am not against the UK, but I grow less fascinated with the people of the UK when I constantly read such anti-American rants like this woman.

"Okay long answer coming :')

I'm female and from Northern England in a place called Yorkshire.

I also have family over in California, and have met loadssss of Americans on holiday / whatever. They were from all different states too, Mississipi, Utah, Kansas, Florida, South Carolina, Washington, Pensylvania, etc.

America as a whole nation has a stereotype to be loud, fat, self-obsessed, argumentative, uncultured, stupid and ignorant.

Most people also find your accents reallllly annoying, no matter where you're from. Southern accents are particuarly irritating. I think it's the monotonous draaaawl, you guys drag each word out really long, and most of your sentance is said on the same 'note' give or take the last or first syllable. In other parts of the world, particuarly in britain, our voices rise and fall with almost every word - each word is rarely said on the same 'note'.

Returning back to the stereotypes of America as a whole, these are, of course, stereotypes. In britain, we don't all have bad teeth. We don't have afternoon tea every day, a lot of people don't even like tea. A lot do - it's a stereotype.

If you go to Britain and ask 100 people if they've had a cuppa tea that day, around 70 would probably say they had.

It's the same for the USA. Put a group of around 100 in a room and give them a discussion topic of the middle east, around 70 would be arguing and shouting in support of the invasion of Iran and Iraq and revenge for the two towers.

Shame none of them can point it out on a map. Did you know, when asked to pinpoint the USA on a world map, 70% of American high school students could not find it? Because when it's surrounded by Canada and South America, it's not as obvious. Most of them pointed to Russia. thinking it was the biggest and so must be them. THEN when asked to pinpoint the UK, one of their closest allies, they pointed to somewhere in the middle east - meditteranean at best.

Did you know only 10% of US citizens hold a valid passport? The world does not exist beyond their country to them.

You can probably gather by now that i'm slightly biased against the USA. Disagree with me if you like, but i'm not normally a judgemental or prejudiced person. I'm not racist - i've been in relationships with many different races and even religions, but when it comes to Americans, yes I stereotype.

This is because of so many bad experiences when encountering Americans. Of course I am aware that every individual is different. There are many people that do not conform to these (the majority of whom voted Obama in i presume :D) Many Americans are educated, polite, considerate of others and do not push their views, opinions and culture on anybody else. Even if these people accounted for just 1% of Americans (and it accounts for much more, I know) it would still add up to millions. That's why I have hope that America will grow up out of it's selfish teenage rebellion stage.

The problem is, when meeting an American on holiday, the majority will refuse to go local. For example, I recentley went on holiday to a predominantly muslim area, where people were swimming in a waterfall. Most people were well covered up, swimming in their clothes in respect for the locals who were doing the same. Then a group of around 15 or 20 American tourists came round the corner, pulled off all their clothes other than skimpy bikinis and jumped right in despite obvious disapproving looks and many mothers removing their children from the water. They were obvlivious for this, and around HALF were at least 20 stone (I don't know that weight in kilos, sorry - we have a different measuring system) Basically though, they were FAT.

Then, in a different area, I was travelling in a minibus with a group of around 7 American University students taking a gap year to travel. They were so god damn LOUD! They spent the whole time talking about how "BLESSED" (We find it realllllll


To all English and UK in general who do like Americans, thank you. I like British culture, it's a part of my culture of course.

Update 2:

I like tattoos and I have a Union Jack tattoo on my forearm, and shamrocks on each wrist because of my heritage. So I'm not against the UK or Ireland at all.

Update 3:

And my best friend who died wass English. And I have a female pen pal online who is English and she is very sweet. So I know not all English are snobbish.

Update 4:

Good point Jeff, like I said I'm fascinated with British culture and music because my heritage is from England. And some of my ancestors moved from Liverpool less than 150 years ago so most of our history is the same. I wouldn't have gotten a Union Jack tattoo if I hated my ancestors.

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    No buddy it's not typical. we are all different (thank goodness) and we all perceive other people and other cultures differently. Unfortunately some people have tunnel vision and don't look at the bigger picture, they live in their own little world and if people don't conform to their idea of 'ideal' they trash them. It's very sad really.

    Like the female writer who replied to you I too am a Yorkshire person but unlike her I regard our American friends in a completely different light. I find American's very much like the English, some are loud, some are aloof, some are wary and others (the majority) are openly friendly - they look you in the eye and smile before they shake your hand. Most of us react to other people in ways we've learnt through experiences in life, some good, some bad.

    I'm sorry if your own perception of my countrymen is that we are snobbish, believe me we aren't all like that. I admit a larger number of the English are more reserved than the American's but these people are usually great characters when you get know them.

    I am sure as you get older your views will change again.

    So, from one Englishman to an American brother, I love all American people and although I disagree with the Iraq/Afghanistan wars I hope we always stand shoulder to shoulder and support each other.

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  • I'm not sure what provoked this response from her, but all I will say is this. There are a lot of trolls on Yahoo Answers.

    People say things online that they would never dream of saying in real life, because people are suddenly brave when hiding behind a computer screen.

    On this forum, because it is English speaking, we seem to get all the English speaking countries taking the pi*s out of each other.

    The UK and Ireland take the p*ss out of the USA and the USA take the p*ss out of us in return (you should see some of the ridiculous things that get posted on the Irish section - for an example, an American person once tried to explain the years of trouble and conflict in Northern Ireland as 'Tribes from the north and tribes from the south throwing potatoes at each other'

    Now that has the potential to cause great offense for anyone who has actually lived through it, but the bottom line is, there is no point getting all het up about something you see written on here, becuase some troll trying to cause trouble does not speak for the millions of people living in the country. I would certainly not cancel my holiday because of some silly comment I'd seen written on Yahoo answers.

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    -This person clearly has a horribly warped view of americans. The americans I have met (not a great number, but some) I found to be perfectly friendly. There are some at my school, and I'm not friends with them, but I don't actively avoid them, I'm not friends with a lot of the english at my school either.

    -The accents, I do not find annoying, apart from when genuinely british people pick up american sayings or pronunciations, because I think its pretentious (bit like the Amanda person with the fake british accent in an episode of friends) In fact, I particularly like the southern accents.

    -About the americans this person has met, and taken a disliking to, I imagine they were as described, but she's probably projecting her own views onto them. Just like many people watch david cameron on tv and say "Look at how smarmy he is!" when he isn't really, he just has that reputation because he had a top education.

    -Fat people. We have them too. Plenty of them. We have groups of loud people in bikinis too.

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    Very simple, really. She isn't British.

    The long-winded rant has been written by an American.

    Sometimes people who want to try and be very clever, or "contrarian," or otherwise skew the numbers in some way, will attempt to prevaricate, or withhold their true identity, by writing a diatribe as another sex, religion, political party member, nationality, and so on.

    My rather conservative local newspaper, for instance, frequently features letters to the editor perporting to be written by people who once supported this or that, and yet now, for whatever reason, think exactly the opposite. From the churlish tone to the hateful elements contained in their rants, I can generally spot these "Judas Goats" a mile off.

    Take it with a grain of salt, m'dear. Just because someone knows that Brits take "holidays" rather than "vacations," does not a true Brit make...

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    The use of stereotypes is a refuge from actual observation, reason, and thought process.

    If there is anything in a rant that rings true, then fine. Lessons are learned in very odd ways sometimes. Even idiots can bring the truth.

    It doesn't appear to have any credibility other than to let off steam. She appears to have her mind made up and has chosen and picked over a variety of things to make her biased points.

    You have to learn to close your ears sometimes. This is one of them.

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  • Alas, I am in complete agreement with "ranter" to experience the obnoxious attitude of the average American you have to see them on the loose in Europe. I live in France and it is an embarrassment to see them in action. They rant at the waiters because they don't speak English, they scream across the restaurant at their kids who run riot. One American lady had the audacity to tell a rather up market French lady not to chastise her child because in America she would be prosecuted for slapping a child. As a result the American got her face soundly slapped and told to mind her own business. I have actually witnessed the management of a restaurant in Paris refusing entry to an American family even though the place was half empty. I know many Americans and I have some as close friends, but they agree that the average American is dim, slow witted, sexually immature and uneducated and to prove a point my friend quoted the scenario when a woman was asked to place a picture of the Hawaii Islands on a map, she placed them in the Gulf of Mexico because she had seen them there on a TV weather map. It boggles the mind.

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    Excuse me but it was President Bush who decided to go to war and Britain then decided to give his troops (American troops) support because of the special relationship between the United States and Britain.

    However, the English woman's rant was totally inappropriate and I hope you reported it as such. Obviously a teen as no adult would criticize a country for its accents.

    However the fact remains you are basing your post on one negative answer. Isn't that the same as becoming a racist solely because of one bad experience with a black person

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    English people are quite uptight in asserting their place in the minds of the world in the age of globalisation.

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    Hey, i'm Bosnian. I moved to Australia when I was a little kid. I now have an accent inbetween American and Australian, bordering on Irish.

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    Say what?! Insult their teeth?? Are you line and sinker flipped out? Turn to your doctor without delay

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