Most distinctive rock and roll voices?

Voices that you immediately recognize when you hear them. Please choose a male and a female. My choices would be Bob Dylan and Janis Joplin but these certainly aren't the only ones! And aren't these - rather than the technically good voices - one of the things that make you love rock?

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    1. Meat Loaf. He could sing the phone book and you'd know it was him immediately.

    2. Don Henley. Henley has a technically good voice, plus the added benefit that he knows what to do with it.

    3. Mick Jagger. I'm not a Stones fan, but to quote that old game show you could name that tune in one note when you hear Jagger.

    4. Bonnie Raitt. If more females sang like Bonnie there'd be more successful females.

    5. Pat Benatar. I never EVER cared for Benatar's music but there is no mistaking her voice. (I saw a You Tube video of her singing Martina McBride's "Independence Day" and my chin hit the floor.)

    6. Elvis Presley. There are a million people making a living as Elvis imitators, but there never was one who could get a record deal by impersonating him. He truly was one of a kind.

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    Freddie Mercury Robert Plant Steve Perry Scott Weiland Myles Kennedy Brent Smith Maynard James Keenan Chris Cornell Eddie Vedder Jerry Cantrell Benjamin Burnley John Cooper Brad Arnold Rob Halford Jacoby Shaddix M. Shadows Dave Grohl James Hetfield Dave Mustaine Sully Erna David Draiman Jim Morrison Ozzy Osbourne Ronnie James Dio Jesse Hasek Serj Tankien

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    Bruce Springsteen

    Brian Wilson

    Roy Orbison

    Bonnie Tyler

    Tina Turner

    Wanda Jackson

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    Male- Ozzy Osbourne

    Female- Stevie Nicks

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    I thought for sure that this question was going to be about Ronnie James Dio. He just died, and he has easily one of the most powerful voices I've ever heard. For a female I'd go with Bonnie Raitt, I would recognize almost all of her songs instantly

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    Male: Jim Morrison

    Female: Tori Amos

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    Elton john, Neil Young, Freddie Mercury, Robert Plant, Karen oh, Tom Gabel,

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    Rod Stewart, Cyndie Lauper

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    Meat Loat

    Tracy Chapman

    take care


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    Ann Wilson from Heart and Olga from the toy Dolls!

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