Mix ratios for laying Yorkstone patio slabs.?

The sub-base has been prepared (4" of now-compacted hardcore) and it's time to lay the slabs, which are around 18" square of slightly different depths, so I'm planning to lay them on mortar.

What's the ideal recipe of sand/cement for this? Thanks.


EDIT: I already stated that the slabs are of unequal thickness, which is why they are being mortared!

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    You can try here for more help with that.


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    Helen is absolutely right but if you choose to lay them in mortar then a 4:1 mix 4 sand 1 cement and you could also lay a barrier of some sort on the hardcore like a weed blocker or some heavy duty plastic to stop weeds growing up through the dry mix.EDIT:Go with the 4:1 mix so then,still use the barrier and a rubber mallet to tap them into place.

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    My guy says everyone has a different way of doing this and none are obviously better than the other though he always preferred to lay the slabs on a screed bed of almost dry sand cement and small aggregate .

    4 sand 1 cement and 3 of the smallest aggregate he could find . Mix it well adding just enough water so it can be squeezed or patted into into a solid ball in your hands without falling apart .

    This allows you to lay the slabs on it as soon as you have screeded it smooth and level without fear of them sinking . The morning dew will take care of the bond . The following day just sweep dry sand and cement over the flags with a soft brush and again let the morning dew dampen it and make it set .

    It's fast , tidy and leaves you with an incredibly strong base that will allow you to lift the flags years later and replace any damaged or stained ones without much fuss at all .

    He says 50 people will now tell you their way is much better lol .

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    York Stone Patio

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    you should pack the dirt down before you place the the slabs. Use a straight 2 x4 as long as the project area to pass over the area to check the level of the area. then lay down sand to on the dirt. place the slabs on the sand the press down. when you finshed with the slabs brush sand into the joints between slabs.

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    i guess my opinion would be that a mortared stone on a hardpacked base will just crack...i would mortar them on a concrete base...just my opinion...

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    no idea

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