My 4 year old son Has a cyst under his eye Advice needed?

about 3 1/2 - 4 months ago. My son had a Small lump come up under his Left eye. For a couple of weeks it kept appearing then going away. Then about 3 months ago the lump came back and hasn't gone away since. I have tried putting a hot compression on his eye several times a day, but it made no difference. Last week I took him to the doctors as although its not pain full, it is starting to irritate him and is getting bigger. The doctor confirmed that it is a cyst and prescribed eye drops to put in my sons eye. I have been using the eye drops 4 times a day for 5 days now. But there has not been much improvement. The cyst still looks the same. How long should it take for the drops to work. The doctor said that if the drops don't work then my son will have to go to hospital to have it surgically removed. How long should I waite before taking him back to the doctors. Should I give the drops more time to work. The doctor never said how long to use the drops for. He just said to bring him back if the cyst does not go away. Also is there any other option I could consider before surgery. Finally what is the procedure to remove a cyst, how do they do it, with young children do they put them to sleep, does it hurt Alto, and would he have to wear a dressing on eye after.

Any advice would be much appreciated

thanks in advance


the cyst is on the lower eye lid of his left eye its about the size of a large pea. you don't have to pull his eye lid down to see it. It is visable when you look at his eye.When you run a clean finger over it it feels like a very hard lump and it moves around.

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  • 4 years ago

    My daughter has actually been suffering from this since december. After numerous trips to the pediatrician and countless over the counter drops and ointments they finally referred me to an eye specialist since it had gotten so big and spread to various parts of her upper and lower eyelid. The specialist compared it to a pimple. The oilglands in the eyelid get clogged and begin to develop a bump. Often times it goes away without much treatment but in some people it can be a chronic problem. She told me to clean both the top and bottom eyelid right at the lash line with 5 part warm water to 1 part johnson and johnson baby wash. This will create a mild soapy rinse and gently use a wash cloth to clean the infected eye both top and bottom. This will clean off any excess oil and flakiness that may be covering the eyelashes. Also, put warm a warm compress on the eye at night and anytime you are able to, for at least 10 to 15 minutes. This will open up the pores and allow it to heal. But you have to be really dilligent in this or you really won't see any progress. After doing this for a week or two I noticed my daughters styes were shrinking and drying up. It may look worse before it gets better but that is normal as well. Take your son to the pediatrican if you see it getting much bigger so that he can possibly prescribe an ointment to help speed the process up. However, the specialist did tell me that even with everything I described above, it may take months before it goes away completely and even then he may be prone to it his entire life. That is why it is so important to keep up the cleanings and make it a routine even when it gets better. In some cases they may have to do a small surgery to get rid of them but there is a chance of scarring and it would depend on you and your doctor. Hope this helped!! Sorry it was so long!! If you have any questions, feel free to email me. I may still have the pamphlets the doctor gave me and I could pass it along to you. I know I worried so much when she got them and didn't seem to have anyone to ask so it helps to know someone has gone through the same thing.

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  • my youngest is 5.5 months and she was born with a simular cysts, hers is a dermoid cyst which is attached tp her actually eye ball! she wont be given and drops or anything and will be having ti removed within 2-3 years depends on the results of her tests done next week to determine whether or not it goes deeper into her eye! if the drops you ahve been given dont work the besy form of treatment would be to get it removed! althoug some types of cysts do come back and will also have to be removed! they will be put to sleep during this as they are children and wont be able to operate on a child eye otherwise! yes no doubt he will have a dressing on after but thats not for sure it depends on how the surgery is done! you can try searching online for how the procedure is done! take him back to a different doctor for a second opinion on the drops! i saw 4 doctors before they told me what she had, i was told after her birth it was mucus fromt he birth that would move which i didnt believe i then saw someone else who told m it was skin to 2 more telling me it was something else! you can take him back at anytime for more info or that you dont think the drops are working! go with what you feel!

    mum to 3.5yrol, 2,5yrold & 5.5month old

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  • JoKTM
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    1 decade ago

    Never use medication more than prescribed. Follow the eye drop directions to a t because you are dealing with his eyes. I would take him to a general surgeon who could remove the cyst.

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  • 1 decade ago

    When you say "under his eye" do you mean uunder the lower lid...where you cannot see it? Do you have to pull down the lid to see it? f so then get a 2nd opinion...I had one of these which then became 2....eventually I saw another doc and he iagnosed Blepharitis..which is an infection of the eyelash can cause the loss of all lashes.

    This was treated and then I had the cysts dug out under local anasthetic...see another doc.

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