how do i get police clearance from bahrain if im in philippines i need this for canada visa application? us!

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    Not a problem.Check the source.

    "Local Requests

    Applicants should apply in person and pay applicable fees at the local National Bureau of Investigation (NBI). Fingerprints and photographs will be taken at the time of application. The certificate must have a thumbprint and include a dry seal.

    Non-Resident Requests

    Applicants can apply to the nearest Philippine embassy or consulate. The application must include a full set of fingerprints taken and certified by the recognized police or law enforcement agency of the applicant’s place of residence, with two black-and-white photographs (2x2 in.). Alternatively, applicants may apply directly to the National Bureau of Investigation head office at:

    National Bureau of Investigation

    Identification and Record Division

    Room 109, NBI Complex

    Taft Avenue, Manila


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