Have you ever felt that your being hunted by ghost or spirits?

Many people go ghost hunting, but have you ever felt like you were being hunted by ghost or spirits?

I felt that way for about four years, they would be coming out of the wood work, I have seen four to five different ones where I live now, and one did come to me on a daily bases for them four years. And would follow me to work, because I saw the same spirit and she came right up to me. And other times at work I could feel the presence of a spirit following me as I would turn around to look. And would feel a presence sitting in my car or truck either in the back seat or from passenger. I believe this spirit followed me from where I use to live, and this was the one that was in the basement there. When I move in here this spirit would come to me, sometimes wake me, or move things to get my attention, I would see her many times, she came into my dream to let me know she was the one in the basement over the other place I owned. I haven't seen any of them in almost two years, but sometimes I feel either a presence or vibration near me when I am sleeping.

Have you ever felt hunted, that they are human hunters?


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Deenie I have heard that before too~

Update 2:

Vackermi...For me it was basically the opposit, there was one bad demon spirit, but the rest didn't bother, and that one was gentle, protective.

Update 3:

Allusion... others have seen them, my son, and once his mother, and yes one gave me her name, Erica.

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  • mimi
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    1 decade ago
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    So many times throughout my life.It's a long long story.

    Since i was a child i had paranormal experiences and my whole family had psychic abilities.It all started with my mom's childhood.she had 6 siblings and my grandfather was a very violent man.my grandfather's marriage was always in crisis because he would abuse of his children and always find a reason to hit them violently,also the fact that he would cheat on my grandma.One of my uncles,when he was age 13 once got beated up so bad by my grandfather that he started bleeding .He could take it no longer and knew where my grandfather hid his gun and grabbed it and when my grandfather entered the room he said : you will no longer hurt me.he shot himself in the head.After that things got worse and one of my aunts would see my uncle in his room sometimes.

    My grandparents went bankrupt and lost their jewelry stores and property.My grandma took her children away and it seemed that bad things would always happen to them wherever they went.They went to look for help with a psychic and when the psychic got possessed it was a demon and the demon said that he would destroy each one of my grandmother's family.That was a promise.And i believe this bad entity kept following the family wherever we went.Paranormal things started happening more often,the children growing up lived in a traumatic state and were susceptible to things happening to them easier.There was always anger,hatred,grudge among themselves.The family split up.One of my mom's cousins would get possessed and start roaring like a mad animal ,sometimes she would grab a chair a start walking around the house holding it on her head.after the children grew up and went on their way,there was always fight among themselves and the family union didn't exist anymore.They would try to destroy each another's life .One of my aunts started working with black magic and would do stuff against her own sisters.her house was so haunted with bad spirits that they started attacking her children.they would scratch them,pull their hair and scare them when hey were sleeping.Nothing could stop them.In my house i would feel the spirits' presence and sometimes they would show themselves for me.Most of the time they were bad entities.It scared me out growing up like that but i always had faith in God and prayed for him whenever i needed him.Sometimes the bad spirits would get angry and throw my pictures and other objects on the floor in the middle of the day ,it felt like they were so powerful in the family that there was nothing we could do to get rid of them or protect ourselves.But later i learned that what gave them power was the feelings that we had toward each another.This bad entity is still working on some members of my family but not with all of us.

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    Yes, I have actually. I've never heard this question asked before either. Thank you for asking this!

    I am sensitive to spirits, I have been since I was a little girl. I remember I'd get this uneasy feeling when I was in an older house. Sometimes it wasn't even old, it would just be on land that seemed eerie. It was more of a sadness than anything malicious, but I have had the feeling that I was being the one "hunted".

    It often happens when I go to Gettysburg. I feel that if I do not state my allegiance, I am being stared down from all directions. Even after that I still feel watched. It is just an unwanted feeling, you know? I try and go with the highest respects and honor all dead, because they are all equally brave. No matter what, there is a hatred felt there, like i've been violated or something. It could even be classified as an awkwardness.

    Anywhere else, I usually don't get that feeling as consistently as I do at Gettysburg. I can easily understand why though. It's nice that you bring this up because it's interesting to see how it feels to be hunted. I wonder if the spirits feel the same way?

  • 1 decade ago

    Yes I feel that some of us are hunted. Those of us that are highly sensitive know that spirits will try to contact us before others. I believe I had a bad spirit follow me from my home in Baltimore city to several different residences. But eventually it went away as my faith got stronger. I was always told that if a spirit hitches a ride with you, it had to return to it's known origin within a matter of time. But now I'm not sure that's true. I have a spirit that is around me all of the time and it is a man that had similar interests. He wrote poetry, he was somewhat of a loner and he was gifted. He died due to an accidental overdose of his medication. Why he stays with me is a mystery. Maybe he is one of my spirit guides. I don't know. It's strange how I can communicate with the other side, but I still don't know the names of my guides. I guess it's hard for me to figure it out because I come in contact with so many different spirits. And it seems like allot of them are not so nice, at least the ones that have lived in the many homes in which I resided in. Where I live now is safe in a spiritual way. There are no ghosts there at all and three people have recently died there. They obviously crossed over immediately. My body reacted in a very weird way when they were taking their last breath so to speak. By the way I live in an apartment building that has eight units in it. So for three people to die in it within the last three months, is strange as well. Sometimes I feel like I attract death. I know I don't, but the whole situation is just weird.

  • Linda
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    5 years ago

    I haven't gone ghost hunting but I am quite interested in trying. Couple years ago, being strange as I am, I took a picture of my TV (it was playing a movie with an actor that I had a huge crush on). When the actor was speaking, I quickly snapped the pic with my cell. After the movie I looked at the picture, next to him was a shady face looking right at me. Now, in movies the actors are NOT supposed to be looking towards the camera. I replayed the movie, the shady guy was not in it. Creepy? I deleted it. I was scared at first, but after a few days I got over it. If it were there to harm me, it would have done so a looong time ago.

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  • 1 decade ago

    all the time this spirit has followed me for about 7 years now. everywhere i go i see the same figure and always feel like im being watched when im home alone. i even here this woman calling my name when im in the shower. there has to be something that connects this spirit with me.

  • 1 decade ago

    I do feel that very often there is the same spirit around me..but i dont think he/she do it for any bad reasons.I believe you attract spirits and ghosts that have the same energy as you.I know there is always this cat around me...she comes to me when i go to sleep..i actually find it really funny because it always plays with my ear...one time i woke up n i smelled fish...it was so distinct lol I believe this cat always follows me because im like a cat myself.I like being independent...i like a lot time "alone"...i like doing what suits me.There is another guy that i have seen few times at my house..he freaks me out lil bit because i always tend to see him in full body..he is the only spirit i have seen in full..one time he was running around in my room..he always looks like he is in a rush...There are others two but i cant see them...they always watch me do my makeup....sometimes when i get changed..im thinking..am i being watched?and i say ..probably!! lol I dont knoow why but i think all people who see ghosts...tend to be followed by some of them!

  • 1 decade ago

    Hunted? No. But attracted to me yes. I have experienced paranormal stuff for nearly all of my life. My daughter,son & granddaughter also have the ability to see/hear/feel spirits,ghosts,orbs,demons,faeries,and shadow people.

    We are all nature & animal magnets too. We feel "spoken to" by these things.

    Maybe it's because we are Native American....who knows? But not all spirits or ghosts are evil. Some are very friendly.

    Not on drugs,psychotic or delusional~~just blessed.

  • 1 decade ago

    Oh yes! I was in Georgia and at a restaurant in Roswell...and needless to say i was using the ladies room...so i was in the stall and it had one of those locks for it where you put a "u" hook kind of thing in a little hole. As I'm sittting there, the little u hook literally goes up and over to unhook and the stall door flew open. Thank heavens my mom was with me and that was all! I was more embarrasssed than scared! It was known to be a haunted place and let me tell you that certified it. Sure enough we spoke to the manager and asked if they have ever had certain encounters and one that have gotten alot was the stall in the ladies room tending to be opened on them. Mind you to open it you need to move the hook up and over...so thats my one little story! I can't say that spirit was very polite if you ask me :)

  • 1 decade ago

    Just about an hour ago to be honest. The ghost/spirit in my house has been inactive for years and is starting to act up again as of yesterday.

    I was up stairs on the wii, my room door was behind me, and i heard someone walking up to my door so i quickly turned off the wii. (I was playing a game my brother "took away" from me :p) My brother left the house ten minutes before but i expected he maybe left something he wanted. Well i get up and open the door, and no one is there. No open windows, nothing in my house is actively on except my downstairs tv. And it was on Grey's anatomy :D

    Edit: After i turned off the wii, i felt that whatever was at the door walked away as i started to get up. Creepy. The ghost seems emotionless, and it seems young, maybe my brothers age. But i really dont know. This is just based off the feelings i get. :)

  • 1 decade ago

    hunted? i think not. but then again that hasnt happened to me.

    i respect them, and i demand respect from them. and they do to a certain extent. i like to leave my door open because its hot in Texas, and a man ghosts just stares in my room watching me.

    but other than that, i dont see myself as hunted.

    we have alot of old ghosts in the city in general.

    My mom usually gets people from the 1920-40s.

    The spirits she deals with are those that were in wars/ More recently,soldiers from the Battle of the Alamo.

    Where as mine is more local spirits, back when my city was a farm town.

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