Let's go through the squads/cuts for some of the teams from the World Cup!?

Argentina: How can Maradona leave out so many good players? Zanetti and Cambiasso from Inter, I mean, they beat Barcelona. If your team beats Barcelona, at least most of the players should start for the national side. He also left out Garay, Carrizo, G.Milito, Diaz, Papa, Gago, Banega, and Aimar. But at least he called up good forwards ;D

Brazil: Dunga lives up to his name...Dung!!! Ronaldinho's left out was inevitable, but he should have called up Pato and Neymar, what was he thinking? Diego is out? no Andre Santos and Michel Bastos does not play defence. Grafite hasn't been good lately, him over Pato? come on, when they lose the World Cup, Dunga is going to hanged.

Mexico: Only one I'm complaining about is Sabah, but otherwise it looks pretty good. Aguirre called up Jonathan Dos Santos, and he's only on Barcelona B!!! How great is that!!! Barcelona B has a potential World Cup squad member!!!

England: exactly why you don't have an Italian coach for England, he calls up the slowest players. Capello didn't call up the fastest striker in England (Agbonlahor) and called up the basketball player (Peter Crotch). How did he leave out Ashley Young and call up Theo Walcott? All Walcott has is speed, he wouldn't be a footballer if he wasn't a winger, because you and I know that the guy can't do ANYTHING else but run. Adam Johnson is a good call up though, but James Milner is so slow, shouldn't even put on the jersey.

Chile: Glad Biesla called up Matias Fernandez. Humberto Suazo and Alexis Sanchez will be great.

Your thoughts?


USA: not calling up Charlie Davies is enough to say that Bob Bradley doesn't know what he is doing at the moment.

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  • Fury
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    1 decade ago
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    For Argentina, Maradona has cut out many quality players, as you have mentioned Zanetti and Cambiasso, they may be old, but they can still do a job, as they have proved with Inter this season. The thing is of course, if you have a player like Messi in your squad, you always have a good chance. They will still progress to at least the quarter-finals, but due to the squad, they will now need their best players (Messi, Higuain, Veron) to really pull something out of the bag if they're to get any further.

    With Brazil, I think what Dunga has done here, is cut Brazils chances of winning the World Cup in half. What they had in Neymar and Pato, are unknown quantities, unproven quantities at least. You need players like that in a World Cup. Players like Messi and Kaka will struggle in the World Cup, because the whole world knows about them, and also how they can be stopped. But players like Neymar and Pato have been under the radar up until now really. I think though, that Brazil have more strength defensively now than they ever did, with speedy, intelligent players like Maicon and Lucio, they are very hard to break down. Dunga seems to have concentrated Brazils strengths into defence, a good idea, considering Brazil will always get goals.

    I don't know an awful lot about Mexicos team, I know they have individual quality (Marquez, Dos Santos), but so far as a team they have been somewhat lacking. We are playing them in a friendly soon so I'm sure I will learn plenty about them then.

    For England, Agbonlahor is very untested up until now, and a World Cup is probably not the best time for him to come into the team. Crouch maybe a basketball player, and the subject of ridicule for many who don't know better, but here's a fact. The guy scores goals, he's proven it again and again for England, that when everyone else on the pitch is firing blanks, he will be the one who steps up and gets the important goal that wins the game.

    You're absolutely right about Ashley Young, who should've been picked. If Walcott could cross a ball, or even pick out a pass, then he would be a better option than anyone because of his pace, but he can't. Hopefully he can learn to put the ball about before the World Cup starts. Adam Johnson and James Milner are both good call-ups, Milner doesn't have speed, but he doesn't need it. He can play anywhere on the field and do a job. This season I've seen him play at left-wing, right-wing, attacking midfield, deep lying playmaker, left-back, the guys versatility is insane.

    Is Charlie Davies not still injured?

  • L
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    1 decade ago

    Brazil: No Pato, shocking. The problem is, there is no creativity other than Kaka, and that is where a Ronaldinho, Pato, Diego would have come into their own. Nut then again Dunga was NEVER going to pick Ronaldinho. Or Adriano for that matter too. Pato has been one of the shining lights in Milan's rubbish season. Testamony to the fact in the Madrid-Milan matches. And 100% agreement on the non-selection of Neymar. What about Alex? He has breathed new life into Chelsea since Carvalho was injured! Sure Lucio/Thiago-Silva/etc are there, but surely Alex should have gone!

    Portugal: No Jao Moutinho. Wow.

    Argentina: For me, Ever Banega would have been a huge +, considering what he is doing at Valencia. We all knew Riquelme (what a player!) wasn't going. Sad that Lisandro isn't selcted.

    France: Benzema, Nasri, Saha. Viera never was, no shocker there. Same for Flamini, hasnt impressed in Milan. Benzema admitedly out of form, but on his day could have been a difference maker. Nasri too. Atleast he was playing well. But Goucuff is there. Atleast.

    England: Ashley Young and Gabriel Agbonlahor should have been taken, instead of SWP and Heskey. Don't be shocked bout Zamora, his league form wasn;t that good was it and he has no international experience. Why is everyone hyping hargreaves! 1 min & 30 seconds of football in 19months does not give you a world cup spot!!!!!!!!!!

    Italy: Cassanno was obvious. Miccoli of Palmero? Amauri never was. Neither was Totti/Del Piero. What about Nesta? Balotelli will be the new Cassano. If the clubs gave Giovinco and Santon some chances, they should have gone.

    Germany: Should have atleast given a chance to inform Kevin Kuranyi.

    Netherlands: Ruud never was going. Sad though. This will give Sneider, Robben, Van Persie more room to be open, but Ruud is one of my idols.

    Spain: Gotta feel sorry for Mikel Arteta, Spain do have that quality in midfield but I'm sure he would have atleast been given a squad number were he of another nationality.

  • 4 years ago

    A very right decision. Football has 32 teams, why can't cricket hace 16? I think all 16 should play qualifiers not only 6. Who know India might get beaten by Bangaladesh or Pakistan may not enter WC after being defeated by Ireland. or England get disappointed by Afganistan. NewZealand might not be qualified because of Nepal. Anything can happen. Its unfair that some teams are qualified naturally, while the rest have to earn the remaining spot.

  • 1 decade ago

    I agree on all 100% except for Mexico... Sabah wasn't gonna be called over Giovani, Vela, Chicharito, Temo and Guille Franco....

    May I add some?

    France: WTF.... No Benzema and Nasri haha I guess they don't want to do anything in this world cup. How can he leave off the most promising French striker and a great talent in Nasri? LOL... This guy is a joke idk how he's managing France.

    Italy: Like France.. WTF. Some good call ups but that squad is not gonna go far. At least the 2006 one had Nesta, Totti, Del Piero, and Luca Toni. Totti can add so much to this Italian team he is a living legend, shame he won't play. But Lippi did not call up the best Italian (Cassano) and idk why... Cassano is more talented than the whole Italian squad. Oh and Balotelli and Giovinco.

    This has to be one of the poorest squads Italy has ever sent to a world cup...

    Brazil: I'm with Dunga with this one and i'm prepared to take heat for it. This is his squad not ours, we all want Ronaldinho there, who wouldn't? He plays football like no other player alive. But Dunga wants a disciplined team and a strong dressing room. He proved his system can work by winning the confederations cup and qualifying 1st from CONMEBOL. The only thing I would criticize Dunga is no Kaka backup.. Diego would had been a good choice. Grafite is a good experienced striker, the reason why Pato didn't get called up was cuz of his attitude and Dunga has no tolerance with that.

    Adriano was given a chance but he didn't take it.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I agree with Fury about England, besides I want them to bomb as usual.

    But, Davies should be on the team for the USA even if he

    does not start. Totti is more devisive than effective & he is very imature.

    His foul on Balotelli speaks volumes to his bad character.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Walcott will do fine.

    Maradona... I see why he would make most of his calls but not leaving out Zanetti and Cambiasso. I mean Banega and stuff are still kinda young [sorta...] but I was surprised when I didn't see Ever Banega or Datolo, then again I'm kinda bias towards them. I was a little iffy on Palermo but it makes sense Palermo gets goals when he needs to [most of the time...]

    Mexico: to be perfectly honest... hmm... don't care. I think they have a decent squad.

    Chile I want them to do good :::DDDDD

    Brazil: they have so many good players. Diego should def be in there. And Pato. Tsk.

  • 1 decade ago

    Chile will be dangerous...they have a great team and coach.

    I disagree with Sabah...he did not deserve the call up.

    Dunga is all about himself.....he does not care for stars on his team and would have left out KAKA but then he would have been hung.

  • 1 decade ago

    How come nobody is takling about North Korea squad???

    I think it was a mistake from their manager to include Kim Sung chi instead of Yo Kim Lee,

    also how on earth can he not inculde Sum *** Keon, that guy was very good.

  • 1 decade ago

    Dunga should of tooken Ronaldo for his world cup history. Ronaldo needs to add to his goal standings

  • 1 decade ago

    Whats wrong with Walcott? I'm sure he's a better player than you.

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