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quilt, blanket and comforter - what's the difference? Thanks.?

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    A quilt is three layers; a decorative, pieced top, a center of batting/wadding and back in fabric of the quilter's choice. All three layers are held together with stitching (aka quilting) or tied together with embroidery floss at measured intersections.

    A blanket is woven wool, cotton or synthetic fibers.

    A comforter is two layers of cloth with stitched channels stuffed with goose down.

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    In my opinion, a quilt is a lighter weight blanket but sewn with small squares of fabric of the same or different colors or designs. There is always a "filler" inside otherwise it wouldn't be "quilted". A blanket is a solid knitted or woven cover of either wool, acrylic or polyester. And a comforter is a heavier cover more thickly filled with either cotton, polyester, or feathers. It is not a knitted item like a blanket.

    Hope that helps.

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    Quilts are usually made of lots of different pieces. Blankets are thinner. Comforters are thicker and they are usually the biggest.

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    Quilt- something thinner than a comforter, but warmer than a blanket

    Blanket- something just to throw on while watching a movie or something, not very big or warm but is like a jacket compared to a coat.

    comforter- big a fluffy, ussually filled with cotton or feathers. The main topping for a bed and the warmest

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