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I rescued a puppy and have kept her. She's 1 now but she is starting to guard things that she's not done befor?

before. I rescued her when a truck ran her over at 2 1.2 months old. She's been such a good dog,(an American dingo I was told) until now. She used to be dog friendly and is most of the time. But about 2 weeks ago she started guarding things from my sister's 2 Basset hounds. She'll guard treats, toys, even me. I take the treat away from her when she starts to growl, take her aside an give it back to her. I don't want her to guard these things. She's never bitten anything. Am I doing the right thing or is there another way to stop her?

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    Train train train

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    That's what I experienced recently, My english springer spainel, Has SRS, Springer rage syndrome. It's mostly common in Springer Spainels, But can Happen to any dog.

    Heres some information I pasted:

    What is Rage Syndrome?

    Rage Syndrome is a very rare behavioral problem that has been reported in a variety of breeds, but especially in Springers, hence the common name - Springer Rage Syndrome.

    It is where the dog suddenly attacks or shows uncharacteristic bouts of aggression that are totally out of character, it is thought to be caused by some form of epilepsy but this theory is yet to be 100% proven.

    When I say it is very rare, I mean it. Many people think that any show of aggression from their dog is down to Rage Syndrome, but more often than not instances of aggression in the springer is merely down to dominant behavior and the Pack Psychology not being enforced within the home, and poor levels of training and discipline being enforced.

    The attacks are very unpredictable and the dog will often appear confused afterwards, unaware of it's actions, then return to it's normal self shortly after.

    It is clear that the dog has no control over what it is doing when it attacks like this.

    If your dog is attacking or being aggressive in certain predictable situations, such as with other dogs, this is a dominance issue and you need to reinforce your role as the Dominant Alpha and enforce a strict training routine.


    Since your dog is so young, it's best to nip it in the bud now, because if he gets to the point of my dog, you'll have to put him down. My situation was my dog guarded everything, the vacuum, the broom, even the door, i remember one morning, we couldn't get to school..

    And if you came to close, he would bite, and it wasn't pretty.


    I hope you get your situation under control, don't let him get away with it.

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    You need to communicate to her that the things given to her ultimately belong to you. You are the leader of the pack and so you need to "claim" those items. Try putting your foot on the toy or item. She may try to take it from under you but hold your ground. You are claiming that item. When doing this you need to be calm, assertive and firm. Eventually, she will relent. This may need to be repeated for several weeks before she understands that the items she is guarding really belong to you, the leader of the pack. You should also claim the food you give her. Do this by teaching her to look at you in the eyes before putting the food on the ground for her to eat. Then, when you place the bowl on the ground, take some food into your hand and hand feed it to her. This makes it clear that the food belongs to you and that you are allowing her to take part in the feeding. Remember to be assertive and remain calm. Your dog knows more about how you feel than you do.

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    You need to get a trainer. dogs have guarding issues as well and some dog trainer gave advice on how to handle it. if Does she guards her food you really need to work on this. You can start by controlling the dog with a collar and giving her a command to release. You can try a couple trade techniques with some treats but you need to get with a trainer to have her evaluated.

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    You need to get a trainer. My dog has a guarding issue as well and my dog trainer gave me advice on how to handle it. Does she guard her food? If so, you really need to work on this. You can start by controlling the dog by the collar and giving her a command to release. You can try a trade technique with a treat but you need to get with a trainer to have her evaluated.

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    Hi, You are such a nice person.

    maybe she saw her someone stealing her/ur things.

    Maybe u should more fun games with her. when she growls u just talk to her and smile.

    Dogs do understand/feel ur emotion...

    let her meet more ppl and bring her to places like dog gardens...

    she will be okk...

    dont let anyone to scold her.


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