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My control freak dad is living with me and he's driving me nuts!?

When I was a kid he used to control everything that went on in the house. He got so bad at the nursing home he was in that they couldn't handle him so either me or my brother had to take him in. My brother said he didn't want to take him so I'm stuck with him. He is constantly complaining and trying to control everything like he used to. For example, he loves tea but when I was little he was the only one allowed to have it and when I buy teabags, he automatically thinks they're his and he shows his butt when I drink any. I was almost never allowed to have sodas or junk food as a child. When I buy any, he tells me I'm going to die of a heart attack. I'm only 124 lbs, I don't think my health is in any danger. He's also super religious and is constantly quoting the Bible at me. I believe in God, but this is ridiculous. When things don't go his way he yells and screams at me. He's taken over the television, if I don't cook food that he likes the way he likes, I get an earful. What should I do about him? Kick him out? Make my brother take some responsibility for him? Are there any programs that I can enroll him in that can help him live on his own? I need to do something soon or I'm going to wind up in a mental institute after I have a nervous breakdown.

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    Why was he in a nursing home?

    Does he have his senses? If he can think straight, you can just sit down and tell him that he is in your house now, and you can drink tea or eat junk food or do whatever you want. It is HE who is the guest, and his complaining has no purpose other than to irritate you. If he does not have his senses, then it is your brother's turn for a while. This is the problem with people who are not normal when they CAN think. When they CAN'T think they just get worse! I am sorry for your troubles, but there are only so many things that you can do in your situation.

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    Kick him out, he's obviously mooching off ya. If he can't even be respectful then kick him out.

    Also he might be a little insane, so you probably want to bring your brother along, have him sent to an insanity ward. No good sane father would show his **** to his own daughter or treat one like he's treating you.

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