How can I get this Star Coin in Super Mario Bros Wii?

In World 3, the Ghost House, third star coin. It's supposedly located to the right in the final room. When the floor drops, I should be able to enter a hidden section and get the third star coin. I've done this level many times. I can't seem to find the hidden area for the coin. This is the last coin needed to be able to open up World 9 Level 3. How can I get the coin? I can't find the opening.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    There are two exits to this level and two rooms where the floor drops, the third star coin is located in this second secret area.

    To get to the secret area and alternative exit go through the level until you get to area where there is a horizontal rope going along the ceiling. About half way along the rope you will see a platform moving side to side underneath you. Below this moving platform there is a floor (you might not see it, but it is there), jump onto the floor which is there and go through the door.

    You are now in a room where the floor drops, after the floor plummets the first time go right into the hidden wall section for the third star coin.

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