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Do you send your kids to summer camp?

Two of mine have gone to summer camp and they love it. I think that it is good for them.


I went to summer camp as a kid and loved it too. We had a blast and made friends.

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    I agree. All three of mine went to a Christian over-night camp called Celebrate Me Week, when they were entering seventh grade. I actually went to the same camp when I was younger, so I knew first-hand how well-run the program was and how much fun they'd have. And they did, of course!

    It's just a good experience for any kid, I think. It's the whole "being on their own" deal. There are a lot of new situations and types of people they have to deal with for the first time.. but I know that all three of mine came home with lots of pictures, a tye-dyed t-shirt, several boon-doggle keychains, and a significant amount of new self-confidence.

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    I always went to summer camp as a kid and I loved it

  • I don't think we have summer camps where i live..i am being serious..we do have JAM camp..Jesus and me camp..its during the day for a week..they do not spend the night does that count? and we also have 4-H camp here..for one week and they do spend the is that what your talking about..if not than we don't have camps here..besides we personally take our kids camping a few weekends during the summer..but i know thats not what your talking

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    I send my mom to summer camp

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    No, I don't.

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