How to reduce pimples,oil blocks and black heads?

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i am having pimples and oil blocks all over my face. i did some research that i am able to reduce them by... -drinking lots of water -use less computer -do sports ***any more more
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About your blackheads problem,

I know how blackheads can be irritating and specially blackheads on nose.

I found some simple and good home remedies to try with your blackheads.

1) Cinnamon and lemon juice can work wonders. Mix these two and apply it on your nose; wash away the same with warm water. This is sure to exfoliate the skin and also remove the existing blackheads.

2) Toothpaste is a modern home remedy to remove blackheads on nose. Just need to apply a little toothpaste over the blackhead affected area and believe me it works!

3) Orange peel is also a good treatment for blackheads. Just mix orange peel with water and then apply the same over your nose. Well, you must be careful about the use of citric fruits as they contain acid and that is the reason why one can use the lighter natural extracts.

I did not try them my self but I think one of them will do good with your skin, Just try them and be Patient.

You can try them to get rid of your blackheads on nose or face or any part of your body they are all natural and will not make you any harm.

There are a lot of products that you can buy to get rid of your blackheads, and it can be easier to use, but be sure that these products are natural and have a good reputation before you buy it.

You can check some other home remedies and info about blackheads here

Hope that helps, have a nice day


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  • ☮MuSe☮ answered 4 years ago
    It's a myth that water helps pimples. It's also a HUGE myth that using the computer causes any of that... I can understand the sports thing, though. Increased circulation in your body helps everything.

    Realistically, use a scrub in the shower. Clean and Clear has some good anti-black head ones. Biore has those nose strips that help A LOT. Sometimes spot treatments can help too. Maybe you want to look into ProActive or SkinID if those suggestions don't work.
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  • Joe answered 4 years ago
    rub tomatoes it is really good

    (fast foward to 1:10)
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  • Doubtful 360 answered 4 years ago
    Wash your face with microshield antibacterial liquid. Apply a skin peel. When it dries peel it off and it should extract all the blackheads and pimples. If you need to,shave your face first.
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