Women of the Marriage and Divorce board have you had your mammograms?

Weird question I know. I put mine off last year and have not gone this year. My friend just turned 40 in November and went for her first one. She just had a double mastectomy a week and a half ago. I think that I am going for mine and wanted to remind you to go for yours. She is a healthy girl with no family history of any cancer. It took her by surprise.


I know this is the wrong place to ask this. This is where I hang out mostly. I already asked in Women's health a few days ago.

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    I actually can't have a mammogram at this age; something about the density of my breast tissue and my boob not mushing flat enough. They will do a sonogram (ultrasound) though, whenever I find a lump. So far they have been fibroid cysts so that is good.

    Sorry about your friend. I couldn't imagine losing my bewbies.

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    Where I live in Ontario, Canada, the government pays for mammograms for all women over the age of 40 every second year unless there is reason to have them more often (ie genetic background, history of breast cancer in the family) They are good to send a notice in the mail to remind us when we are due to book our next appointment. I had mine in January. All Clear! ;)

    Edit: to Acquiescent.......yes, mammograms should also be done on men with manboobs. Men can get breast cancer too!

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    Mammograms are not entirely reliable diagnostic tools for women who havent reached menopause as breast tissue is too dense. You are better off sticking with regular self-examination unless there is a family history of pre-menopausal breast cancer or you have tested positive for the breast cancer gene.

    ADD You laugh, Ace, but men CAN get breast cancer too!!!!

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    No but I'm 20 and my husband does that when ever he gets the chance! I think i'll know before anything is too bad!

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    Thank heavens I'm only 23. I'm not looking forward to it!

    My husband aspires to be a mammogramologist (is that what they are called?)...

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    acquiescent is sooo silly...lol he needs to be careful though.

    i'm not quite do for one yet.

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    Can I get one for my moobs?

    (Great PSA!)

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