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What can i do to help my old dog who has been peeing on the floor?

I have a dog who is turning 10 in agust. When he was a puppy he was potty trained and knows how to warn me when he needs to out. but lately he has been going inside the house for the third time. Is it that he is getting old now? I don't know what to do i been putting him out more and more but i dont think that is helping

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    He is probably to old to hold it. Take him to a vet to see if there's something they can medically do. If there's not, you can get a doggy diaper to help. I used to have to let my dog out about every 3-4 hours around the clock. Good luck

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    Hi. It sounds like canine incontinence. (Your dog is reaching his golden years). Unfortunately, (just like humans) dogs get to where they can't hold or control their bladders. Have you had any recent blood work done on your dog? This would be a good idea, as several medical issues could be going on. The only options that I can think of to do in the meantime is: 1.You can use doggie diapers (but change often!) 2. Keep your dog in an area that is not carpeted. Wish you and your dog the best.

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    He may have a urinary tract infection that is irritating him, or he may have incontinence issues. Ideally try to find a homeopathic veterinarian or a pet friendly homeopath. Homeopathy is a lot more effective (and less expensive) than drugs: it can cure the cause rather than just treating symptoms.

    If he has bladder stones/crystals, the cure is a raw meat diet: commercial food makes their systems alkaline-- they should be acid. Raw meat returns their system to what it should be.

    More info: Yahoo Group Raw Meaty Bones

    Yahoo Group Classical Homeopathy for Pets

    Source(s): Natural health student. Experience.
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    Could be a uti, incontinence, or old age. Have his urine checked at your veterinarian.

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