HELP I'm looking for a book but i forgot the title!?

the book is about like this family of three guys two are sons, and one is the dad. I don't know if the book says it but its based in kansas. Its a true story cause the people in the closest towns talked about them. Well, This family has native americans as slaves, and they abuse them. Basically. I'm doing a book report so I have ti'll two weeks too find this book I've been searching for hours and i can't find it, I even asked my sister who forgot. Its either something harvest or harvest something. annd The orginal family last name is either havenkamp or haverkamp. Pleeease help!

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    1 decade ago
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    Hey! I looked on google and I think I found it!

    the second result on the link. "Don Coronado through Kansas" It describes the two son and slaves part you mentioned. I hope this is the book your trying to find. Good luck , and I hope I helped!

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