How can taxpaying citizens combat supporting costs of illegal immigrants?

i have to do a speech on this topic. and i have no clue what to talk about. Can you list some subtopics to talk about?

If you were to give a speech about this topic...can you tell me what you will talk about??

-sources preferred. thanks


can you guys also include websites where i can do a paper on it?

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  • 10 years ago
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    Enforce the law, enforce the law, enforce the law. And if our current politicians won't enforce the law, elect new ones who will. It's time to make this a "single issue cause."

    We have all the tools we need to attack the problem at its source - we have a Border Patrol and an Armed Forces, we have laws forbidding illegal immigration into the United States of America, and we have buses and cargo aircraft into which we can load these people up and send them back to their homelands.

    And we have prisons for those who repeatedly enter the United States of America after they have been caught and warned once - or we could have. I'm sure Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona could economically build up some more tent cities into which these people could be held pending their deportation as undesirable aliens.

    I hate saying things like this. It makes me sound ugly. And I have wonderful friends who are from the same places where the illegals come from - but they came here legally, obeyed the law, and are now American citizens same as us.

    What's so special about illegal immigrants that they get to break our laws while we must not only obey our laws, but pay money for the medical treatment, feeding and lodging of the illegals that we clearly don't have to spend?

    Source(s): has the facts you need about the intensity of the illegal immigration issue here in the United States of America and how it can effectively be ended. Please pass it along.
  • DrPhil
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    10 years ago

    The first thing that any citizen can do is exercise their responsibility to be involved with their government.

    Here's a plan for you:

    a) Prosecuting to the fullest extent of the law both the illegals who come into this country, and the employers that knowingly hire them. This removes the economic incentive.

    b) Removing the "anchor baby" clause, and deporting the child along with it's family. This removes the argument that families are being broken up by immigration enforcement.

    c) Identifying, locating, apprehending, and deporting all illegal aliens currently residing in the United States. This immediately begins improving certain current US economic issues. Citizens are taking jobs formerly held by illegals, and no illegal receives state or federal services.

    d) Building a wall along the length of the contiguous border of the United States and Mexico. This not only greatly reduces the influx of aliens, but also greatly cuts the flow of illegal drugs into this country.

    And, finally, see above again. VOTE! If you have a representative who will not do these things, vote them out of office. It's your government, start acting like it.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Read and listen to the other answers! MY sentiments exactly!!!! As long as people and companies knowingly employe these illegals, we will be forever supporting these guys through our taxes! I can understand Illegals wanting a better life, who can blame them for that. The problem is, the Immigration Service and the Government have closed their eyes for far too long - consequently, by the numbers, it has gone beyond "redemption"! The Government knows this, so they decide to take the "easy way out" by "giving" them " sanctuary and citizenship! These illegals ARE breaking the Law, but so are the people who are hiring them! THOSE are the ones who should be prosecuted! Yeah! Big deal! Walmart gets a slap on the wrist and a fine everytime they have a raid!! And it still keeps on hiring them! Although YOU may not see them, cos they are kept in the back of the store! Nobody screams "FOUL" when they see them picking vegetables and fruit in the fields WHAT American would do such a job! And we walk on by, but ***** when out tax monies supports these guys when they get food stamps and free medical attention!!! There is only ONE way for a taxpayer to combat this problem, and that is for EVERY American Citizen to stop hiring illegals, deny citizenship to babies born in this country when parents are here illegally! If the parents are Mexican or whatever, doesn't matter WHERE the kid is born, his nationality should be what his father is!! Period! The baby was conceived in another country, so why should we have to support aliens!

  • 10 years ago

    Peppermint Patty says it all! We have the laws but they won't enforce them, and that means at a local level. Our local City Police and our local State Highway Patrol are not doing their jobs. They need to learn about the laws and then enforce them. If we haven't enough of them, then employ more police and highway patrol. Another thing, employers where I live employ illegals, always have and always will. I feel like putting on a cap that says "Border Control" and then walk into all the places where the illegals are and see what the reaction is but then again I am an old lady and no one would take me seriously!

    Source(s): Live among the illegals. Since I moved to Texas 30 years ago, I am now the minority in my church. Last Sunday I even counted how many whites (shame on me) but that is not the point, I do not mind the legals, but guess what, I found out that they are members of La Raza etc., which I think is determined to make Texas belong to Mexico once more. I am not a racist in any way, I love all people but I cannot stand illegals. I came here from UK legally!!!!!!!!
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  • 10 years ago

    Petitions to force the local, counties, and states representatives and Governors to enforce the federal laws regarding the illegals and the businesses that illegally hire them.

    Petitions to have new laws developed and voted upon by citizens of the states specifically directed to the illegals regarding what they are not entitled to. Such as Arizona's, Oklahoma's and other states newly enacted laws.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Contact and complain to all of your Local, State and Federal Politicians immediately.

    Also, immediately call ICE at 1-800-347-2423 if you know of any Illegal Immigrants.

  • 10 years ago

    There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that one of the greatest reasons that governments on the local, state and federal levels are running major deficits partly due ti illegal immigration.

    Illegal aliens eventually leave farm work to displace Americans in the construction and service industries, which explains why we have at least 12 million illegals in the U.S. with only 1.8 million of them on farms, according to the Labor Department.

    Meanwhile the financially squeezed American middle class must pay for the free education, bilingual social services, health care, housing subsidies and incarceration for millions of illegals whose meager wages and taxes don’t begin to pay for their real costs.

    A few ways to combat this would be to vote for those that support securing our borders. And also laws to protect the citizens such as not giving services to illegals, as well as securing that employers be penalized and fined when contracting illegal employees.

    Another thing that comes to mind would be to immediately deport all illegals when they commit a crime, no matter the degree of the crime committed. It is a fact that the uncompensated cost of incarcerating illegal aliens in ate and county prisons amounts to about billions a year (not including local jail detention costs or related law enforcement and judicial expenditures or the monetary costs of the crimes that led to their incarceration).

  • Erika
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    3 years ago

    i could merely subject approximately being valuable on your life.. this is the superb thank you to attempt against their costs. advantageous they're unlawful and immoral however the superb thank you to attempt against this is vote for leaders that choose for to crack down on unlawful immigration, and for individuals to get an education and a powerful activity and stay centred of their lives so as that they might upward push and prevail.

  • Naty
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    10 years ago

    Encouraging them to get an ITIN so they report their income, dependents, and marital status?,,id=96287...

    I am just assuming that once they report their income less people could portray themselves as unemployed and if they are really seeking to become eligible to any sort of amnesty or beneficiaries of an I-130 in the future. They should start by doing things right by becoming contributing members of society. An Individual Tax Identification Number is NOT a Social Security Number BTW. There are crucial differences. Foreign Aliens are not eligible for many government aid because they are NOT eligible to be issued a SSN.

  • Will
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    10 years ago

    We need to form a nonprofit organization to hire the same engineers that designed the north korea dmz and build a replica along the mexican border. The smell of deep fried beans would be detectable as far north as Oklahoma.

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