Can any really smart computer experts help me with my computer problem.I have a HP dv6308nr.?

I have a navida go 6150 set chip in my HP motherboard. I changed the settings on the video card to clone my T.V. and my computer at the same time. I never updated any of the bios or video updates. well I then closed my labtop which let it hibernate. came back and open my labtop and nothing on the screen. Ever since if I let it sit for 10 hours and the do a hard reset all I get is the HP logo and some times some letter but it doesn;t last long, then the video hook up light go on and then no matter how many time I restart it I get nothing till I let it sit another 10 hours. Is there a CD that I can put in and it can install all the bios and drives with out windows

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Well the only thing i could think of is that the os Operating system set the resolution to the tv and then shut off the laptop Resolution i have had this happen to me you have to start the computer in safe mode to change the resolution back also if you completely unable to see the screen and this has also happened to be one time i installed a radeon video card hooked it up to another monitor that was dvi and ended up having to use that one or reinstall the os it screw something up that cant be changed back since you cant see to do that there also trying to boot from a disk if you have one. to start in safe mode press F8 after it first starts up

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    Remove all cables hooked to your Laptop. Remove the Battery. Wait 1 hour install battery,plug in power cord to power outlet.

    Access HP Recovery Manager by restarting the computer and pressing F11 repeatedly before the Windows load screen appears

    From there you can fix this problem. Follow the prompts on what kind of recovery you would like to do..

    Source(s): Worked on HP for years
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