I'm getting a new computer, can someone help me find one with these specific "features"?

*Good specs for gaming, up-to-date graphics card and such.

*Still possible to use stuff like Microsoft Word (Or whatever it is that's used).

*Not too expensive, around $750 is my budget.

I'm sure there's plenty of computers like that out there, but I'm just not smart enough to figure out what it'd be. Also, I already have a keyboard, a decent mouse, speakers, and a screen, so I'm pretty sure all I would need is the Tower (That is what it's called, right?) unless I still need stuff like a new hard drive... The point is, I just need a new computer that's good for gaming, but still capable of doing all that "Office" stuff.

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    1 decade ago
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    For a 750 budget :

    Get at least a mid-tower case (that has good airflow to keep your computer cool better)

    A good quality 600-700w PSU (your power supply for your entire computer)

    An ATX motherboard (at least have one pci-express slot, just check the motherboard specs)

    Nvidia 8800gt or higher / ATI 600 series or higher

    CPU DUAL core Intel/AMD with clock speeds @ least at 2.4GHz

    That should be able to play games at high detail. Resolution however is limited(my other screen is 17", 1280x1024)

    My other computer is almost built like this. It is able to play today's games (like Bioshock 2 or Batman AA @ least 60FPS with all the settings set to high and even with 4x aliasing)

    Remember when you buy your motherboard and Processor. It needs to match. A AMD motherboard won't work with Intel Processor, vice versa. So if you buy a AMD motherboard, buy a AMD processor.


    Go to ibuypower.com they offer you many computer customizations. But be sure to watch what graphics card they give you. Please choose the graphics card I stated

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    1 decade ago

    Gaming graphics card and $750 kind of puts it into the realm of a dream. A good graphics card is half your budget. Any computer good for gaming will do "office" stuff, but it won't come with Microsoft Office - that's an additional cost. (Open Office is free.) But a $350 graphics card and a $125 power supply in a computer for $750 is nearly impossible (you'd probably have to shop VERY wisely for parts [wait for sales] and build it yourself.)

    Or you can find an ASUS CM5570 for about $400 and upgrade the video card with a reasonable, but not top-of-the-line graphics card. (Or upgrade to a top-of-the-line card and add a few dollars to your budget for a power supply that will handle it.)

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    1 decade ago

    Ah yes, no matter what always build your own computer! First you got to look at the speed of the Equipment you want to buy. For example my video card is a Radeon HD series 4800 which is for gaming

    Google around, check out your local computer shop and ask for advice on which systems go together and why.

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    1 decade ago

    Better i think you go for Laptop and dont customize it if you really doesnt know more about computer. Just jump to hp or dell site and find your choice.

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