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Would my nine year old rabbit be ok with...?

Would my nine year old rabbit be ok with another rabbit?

He's never been with another rabbit since we bought him, and i was thinking about adopting one from the sanctuary i work at.

He seems a bit lonely and i thought it'd be quite nice to have a partner ^-^

How do you think he would react? He can be Territorial - he chases cats and wood pigeons off but not other birds and he was fine with my hamsters. (Please, don't ask about the hamsters. lol.)

Please feel free to share your experiences x


He is neutered, no chance of kittens.

I would get a female. I am not a retard - i know males would fight.

I would get an older female.

Do these facts make it more clear?

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    He should be alright over time and if you find the right partner for him. All bondings take a long time, but atleast he's neutered so that will definatly help and hormones shouldnt play a part in it now.

    Take him along to your sanctury and see which one he prefers, and most sancturies will help with the bonding.

    Also, whilst bonding, make sure you disinfect everything to get rid of his smell before you bring the pair into his living place. That means throwing out toys that are made from wood and cant be disinfected.

    With my two, I introduced them in a neutral area (bathroom) with some food down. They ignored each other to begin with which is good and then they tried for dominance each so there was a few scuffles but nothing major. just enough so they could know who's boss. I kept them under my watch for about 3 days indoors (meant sleeping in the same room as them) before I put them back into my boys hutch/run area. And they've been fine since.

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    Hi there.

    Yes, it sounds fine, as long as you introduce an older female and introduce them very slowly. Start by letting them sniff each other and then increase the time they spend together per day, until they are together all the time.

    At the first sign of fighting or aggressive behaviour, separate them. If the female was spayed, this may stop aggression if it occurs.

    I hope I helped you out - good luck with your new rabbit-friend!

    Source(s): I used to breed rabbits but now keep them as pets - feel free to email me for more help or information!
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    i wouldnt

    1.he isnt used to it and he is very old for a rabbit so it could stress him out alot and

    2. as he is territorial there is a chance he may fight with it if its male

    3. 2 male rabbits dont tend to get on too well anyways and

    4. if you get a female bunny you will probably end up with even more rabbits!

    if you do adopt dont house them together at first. let them see each other but dont let them get near each other. introduce them slowly. but i honestly dont think you should do it at all.

    Source(s): grew up with rabbits from the age of 9 to the age of 18 the older ones never seemed to take to the younger rabbits
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    Nine is a good age for rabbits. I would always say rabbits should be keep with another but at his age it may not be the best idea. I hate to say get one and he got to overexcited causing him to have a heartache.

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    Make rabbits can be VERY territorial! I personally wouldnt introduce another rabbit to him now...........what is making you think that he is lonely?

    He is probably "humanised" = I would try to spend more time with him yourself, rather than stressing him out by getting another one........

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    Just introduce them slowly and make sure not to force it, and everything should be fine.

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    put dem in different cages..

    i think..

    good luck bye

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