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What is float-free arrangement?

Marine term.

I just need an answer to this of about 4 or 5 lines...

Please somebody help me

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    Float Free Arrangement is required on Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons (EPIRB) and liferafts. This allow the unit to float free and operate automatically if the vessel sinks. Units may still be able to be launched / released manually.

    Float-free launching is the method of launching a liferaft whereby it is automatically released from a sinking ship and is ready for use. Float-free arrangements may either be an HRU or some other means. Whatever type it is, if your vessel capsizes too quickly for you to release the liferaft manually the float-free arrangement may be your only chance of survival.

    A hydrostatic release unit used in a float free arrangement must have a Coast Guard approval number starting with 160.062. A float free link may be used with a Buoyant Apparatus or a Life Float and must be certified to meet 46 CFR, subpart 160.073.

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    Float Free Launching

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