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Have you ever had a dream that seemed very real?

and you wake up believing that it happened?

haha :/ it took me awhile until i realized it was just a dream, i was so relieved

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    It felt real until the sheets were wet the next morning.

  • A few weeks ago, I dreamt I got caught smoking weed at my grandma's house. I thought it was real the whole time, mostly because my Grandma's house was EXACTLY the same in the dream as in real life, down to every last detail. It was pretty crazy.

    I felt like a million bucks once I woke up and realized it was just a dream :D

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    Yeah, I had a lucid dream and it regarded particularly primary, merely like on a regular basis existence. I bear in mind my thought methods, and that i exchange into noticing all the ameliorations between the dream international and the waking existence. I bear in mind thinking 'Hmm, it rather isn't primary so this might desire to be a dream!'

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    I had a dream you and Spunk came to my house for a sleepover. It was really fun, then that Touch my Pigtails and Die guy came and tried to kill us. We were screaming, and then I woke up. haha It was so real. The first part being real would be cool, but not the second.

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    That has happened to me maybe once or twice but I can't even remember what the dreams were about now.

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    My life is a dream

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    Same thing has happened to me.

    Except in this case, I wanted the dream to be real.

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    yes a few times

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    that happened to me while i was day dreaming once

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    you don't have to tell me.It happened to me just this morning.Thank god that was only a dream,if it hadn't been i would have felt really awkward going to school next monday,lol.

    don't ask,lol.

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