Why don't parents just let me do what i want?!?

Okay, Its about my classes. I'm sick of taking my art class, I thought they had Photography but they don't I figured we might move down to it. But I figured out we arn't taking it all. So then I go to my school's counsler, and she said my art teacher said I'm a good student. Yeah I can draw and everything. But I just been drawing all my life, and I am good at it. But I love music so much more, so I ask the counsler to switch me into music, okay well my friend went with me and switched into music to without having her parents consent. and I AM a good student, I've only got introuble once for being late to school. So then the counsler is trying all she can to make me stay in art, and since i kept saying no i love music i appreciate music more than art, she says well have you asked your mom about this, and I told her, I'm sure she doesn't mind (because I know she doesn't care about anything i do anyway.) Then she says well I'l give her a call will your at lunch. so I guess she calls my parents while I'm at lunch, and 5th hour my dad texts me saying im not gonna drop any class for my stupid friends. That I'm going to school for education. Then i'm just soo f*ck*ng MAD! I am going to school for education! If I wasn't then I'd be going back to my old school where all the druggies are at and where nobody cares about education. I do everything they tell me to do, and im practically sick of it. I even told my dad that I like music more than art! I don't get it, why won't my parents let me do something I love?!


About my friend going in with me, She told me and my friend to come back during advisory so we did. I just didn't know we weren't supposed together during that 15 minutes of advisory. So we just went in together. Plus! the counsler said that us being in the same class together might cause problems, and i told the counsler that I'm not a bad student i'm not rude, loud, or disruptive in any of my classes, even in my last hour which i have my best friends in. Its almost as if the counsler was holding me back from music.. :\

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    Why are they finding out about it through the school instead of you asking them directly?

    I'd be pretty miffed if I was them. It would feel like you were trying to go around me.

    And yes, I would dig my heels in until you explained yourself.

    Yup, that means you're going to need to get over yourself and talk to them.

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    Alright sweetie here is where you screwed up. When you want to change classes don't go in with your friends. Not a single friend should go with you. This looks like you are going into a class to be with your friends and not because you like something. I know this is true. Counselors see it that way. That is why they cared about you changing. I bet you anything that your friend got to change easier because she had a different situation. So, just a tip. Act like an adult and do things independent of your peers. This makes you appear more like a leader. Yes, I know parents can seem so frustrating because you have no control. Just remember you have more control in your home with the more responsibility that they see you handle on your own. If they see you cussing and defiant. Wanting to be with friends more than taking your school serious, they will tighten up. Just be respectful and smart. Handle your responsibility and go with the flow. So, my advice is take a time out. Go to your art class. Do great work. Help the teacher. Then talk with your parents one evening and explain to them why you would like to change class. Show them what it will give you. Then tell them that you understand and see how they look out for your best interest, but you would like them to give you this opportunity to shine in another area. You want to be well rounded. You want to still draw on your free time, but learn something new. Tell them that you understand that they may have thought you were going in music because of your friends. However that was not why you wanted too. It just appeared that way. You have learned to be more independent of your friends when it comes to deciding your educational goals. Ask them to give you an opportunity to prove yourself. Good luck

  • rene
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    okay let me tell you that photography is a form of art, for your next project you could take photo's of social issues, be creative about it. In art you can do basically anything you want. Also it depends in which grade your in if your in yr 8,9 you do what the teacher tells you, not sure about yr 10. I definitely know in yr 11,12 you get to do whatever you want and the teacher helps you with it. stick in there and learn a lil about the basics of art then you can graduate to more complex stuff. If you are in yr 11 or 12 and your teacher is not allowing you to do what you want change art classes..if your still not happy then change subjects.

    Hope that helps.

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    I don't know. . Sometimes I feel like parents try to hold us back from doing we really love only because they think it's good for us and sometimes all we are trying to do is better ourselves. i would try sitting down and explaining to your parents that you are going to school for your education but you want to learn more about music because art isn't doing it for you anymore, that you feel you've conquered your art class and now you conquer something else.

    Source(s): The source is myself my mom is always trying to hold me back from doing certain things but it's not like their bad things for example she is trying to hold me back from going to church. but I just continue to show my dedication and she comes around.
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