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my platy fights( bites thm ) with other fishes ?

hi i have gt 5 platies 2 gold fish 1 shark and a cat fish and black moor and 3 koi ! the all live peacefully but my platy used 2 bite thm even now & thn !! what should i do !! ?

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  • catx
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    It could quite simply be frustration.

    You have a particuarly bad mix of fish which I'm sure does NOT help!

    Koi are STRICTLY pond fish! They are NOT suitable for tanks unless they're being over-wintered, even then they should be in bare tanks over 200 gallons with heavy filtration. The smallest a Koi gets is 2.5ft and some varieties can get up to 4ft! The regular Goldfish should get around 10"-12" and is also best left as a pond fish only.

    The Black Moor is a fancy Goldfish and needs cooler water temperatures than the Platy, "shark" (which isn't a real shark, it's either a cyprinid or catfish), and that "catfish" - what kind of catfish? The word "catfish" can be applied to THOUSANDS of species!! Getting anything from 1" to over 36".

    It sounds like you really haven't done any kind of research with this stocking :-/

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    Are they all in the one tank? I hope not! The goldfish, black moors and koi are cold water fish, and they live in cold water. The platys, the shark and the the cat fish live in warm water as they are tropical fish. Goldfish can't live in warm tropical water because it would be the equivalent of us living on the sun, we would burn to death, the water is too hot for them to live in happily and healthily. Sharks are not a good idea to put in with any fish that is not semi aggressive to aggressive, all sharks are territorial and the bigger they get, the more aggressive they become. Your shark will kill the other fish once it grows, if it has room to grow. All these fish should be in a tank of over 250 gallons. Koi should be in a tank of at least 200 gallons for the 3 of them alone, they get to be very massive fish, they'll grow to over 16 inches at adult size and even more. The goldfish and black moors should be in a tank separate to the other fish, with at least 75 gallons. The platys are biting the other fish because they don't know what to do. If you separate the fish, they would be able to live much more happier.

  • Anonymous
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    what are you doing those fish don't go together. you need a pong for the koi a tank for the black more and gold fish and a tank for the platies and shark and cat fish and a tank for the one that nipping them all. you should really research some more before buying pets EVER again.

  • monteo
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    4 years ago

    I even have had an analogous situation. do no longer situation. it fairly is organic for them to %. on their smaller and weaker counter factors. I actually have a sunburst platy and a dwarf platy and for a week or so the sunburst might %. on the dwarf. For the main area it fairly is only a pecking order. the bigger one will practice that is dominance till it feels that the different understand that's the weaker link. do no longer situation it might haven't any purpose of killing the different. i'm hoping each and every thing works out. and don't situation approximately taking him out. And with the aid of all potential do no longer positioned any tropical fish in water that's no longer cured, heated, and filtered. Unacceptable. =]

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    This typically happens for a while until the fish have established their territories. if it is not happening anymore, they should be right. although this does not sound like a platy, but more like a swordtale. nevertheless if the platy is still fighting, it should be separated.

  • Robert
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    You can never tell in advance who will be a nipper. If it gets bad, trade the offending fish for something else.

    Source(s): Robert Price Ichthyologist
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    seperate them .

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