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Bmw 330ci or Honda S2000? first car.?

2003 BMW 330ci sports package i think

Or a 2004 Honda S2000

The S2000 is cheaper on Autotrader.

Which car is cheaper to insure?

Cheaper to maintain?

And best handling and performance?

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    Your insurance will be high since you're a first time driver.

    Most likely the S2000 will be the most expensive since it's a sports car.

    Cheaper to maintain, probably the Honda, they build very reliable cars.

    Handling and Performance, S2000 wins hands down so if thats what you need in a car then the S2000 is the right choice.

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    2 totally different cars. I would think the Honda would be cheaper to maintain and would have better overall quality in it's build. Insurance rates? Depends on your age, driving record, credit rating and insurance company. Get some quotes before buying.

    Source(s): Vehicle owner since 1970
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    S2000, It will smoke 330ci if it tuned up.

    have fun. Plus it's cheaper to maintain.

  • 4 years ago

    in case you desire reliability i could flow with the Honda. in case you desire solid flavor and flash flow with the BMW. Audi TT does not get extreme marks in my e book. My pal had one. It wasn't all that solid, and it rather is rather cramped interior

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