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13 Year Old Getting Lip Piercing?

I'm 13 and I really want a lip piercing. I've done a lot of research about aftercare, watched the videos on Youtube and I know what I'm getting into. I plan to ask my parents for it when the right time comes. When I'm in school I'll put Bioflex in and the teachers won't notice.

I just want to feel better about my appearance, its not about following the trend or whatever.

If I regret it, I'll just let it close.

Should I get it?

And what is the age requirement for lip piercings in Singapore?


When I mean putting Bioflex in, I'm saying that I'm putting it in after it heals, during the holidays. I care about my teachers seeing it because my school doesn't allow facial piercings.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    When I was 13 I had my lip pierced. It took quite a few weeks to convince my parents, but I already had my belly button and ear piercings.

    Make sure you let it heal before you put the bioflex in, which is about 8 weeks, but you could do it at 6 weeks if you're really careful and take full care of it, but it's best to leave it as long as you can, so make sure you get it done in holidays or something, or what you could do is leave the piercing in, and just change the ball on the end of the lip piercing to a clear plastic one, that way you won't leave the piercing hole exposed and it still won't be visible.

    I think you should get it, they're very common so people won't think wrong of you to have such a piercing at 13 years old and also, they don't hurt at all, are easy to heal and look great.

    I'm not sure about the age requirements but you should be okay with a parent, or 16/18 by yourself.

  • Orna
    Lv 4
    5 years ago

    Most of the tattoo parlors do piercings but you would HAVE the be sure that it at least looks clean. Std's and other diseases can be passed through needels. Yes it is legal for a 13 year old girl to get it pierced but you must have your parrent. And the eyebrow hurt more for me than my lip and the lip piercing healed faster. It will hurt but only for about 2 mins. Hopee I helped >:]

  • 1 decade ago

    A small interjection -just trying to be helpful here.

    If you put in bioflex while its not fully healed it can cause alot of problems including abcess and piercing migration. Also you can't remove the jewelry for at least 2 weeks, usually longer, without the piercing closing nearly instantly. Also if you do manage to change the jewelry even once or twice in a week then you will either get an infection, keloid scarring, abcess, migration, or worse. Not to mention ALOT of swelling and pain.

    Please don't remove the initial jewelry (which should be body implant grade material) until your healing period is at least close to being over. Why do you even care if the teachers notice?

    Only you can decide if you should get it.

    Sry idk about the age limit for sure but i did a search using the keywords: piercing age laws singapore -and found this site: that says there isn't an age limit.

    Best of luck!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    If you're gonna get a lip piercing then just get it. It's not like it's the most sensible thing to do, so be a rebel, get it done and don't hide it from teachers! **** what they think! ahaa. You're parents will most likely say no also, but just get it done :P I dunno the age requirement in singapore, i don't even know what it is in the uk, where i am and i have my lip pierced :P Ask around piercing shops about the age requirement, but i doubt it will be 13, i kinda don't think that decent places will do it even with a parents permission, but idk! Ohhh also if you keep it in for say.. a few years, it will leave a hole. It will close up eventually, but will leave a little scar.

    Good luck :D

    Source(s): I've got my lip pierced :)
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  • 1 decade ago

    hey , i'm 13 aswell. I currently have my monroe, nose, bellybutton and hips pierced. I used to have snakebites. As far as school, I always kept my piercings in. Youre making a statement with piercings and there will be people who will think its badass, cute, ugly, trashy, whatever. It just matters if you like it. Teachers may look at you weird or ask you questions, I just simply say that its my face and my style and it shouldnt matter or affect other people.

    I say you get it, and if you dont like it, like you said, you can always take it out. goodluck :)

  • 1 decade ago

    eerm your 13, id wait a while :)

    im 16 and ive only just got my lip pierced. the only problem is when you take it out you will get a little scar where it was.

    if you put a bioflex in it then the teachers still might see it.

    in england the age requirement is 16.

    so i suggest you wait a little while :)

    Source(s): my own experience :)
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