What should I get my mom for christmas?!?

She was looking for a sage scented candle, but I'm not sure where I can get one (with out ordering online) AND nothing cheesy, and weird like shirts that say #1 mom, etc. She doesn't wear cosmetics, she uses perfume, lotion, and shes works for like 11 hours every day (even on holidays) except wednesday and thursday(unless its a holiday). I saw this foot massager thingy at dilliards for like $10 but i'm not sure. I wanted to get her some paula dean cookware or whatever it is. Cause I heard her mention it to my cousin. But I don't know how much they cost (I'm sure very expensive). I wanna buy something for her, not make something that I would've done as a little girl. and nothing over $50. Just pleease give me some really great ideas.


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    You could try getting her a nice piece of sterling silver jewelry, like brighton (brighton.com). If she has to wear a badge at work, they have some nice badge clip necklaces there.

    A foot massager would be good, if she's ever mentioned wanting one. Otherwise it sounds like something for a secret santa or someone you don't know well.

    You can get her one or two paula deen pieces that you think she'd use most often. That wouldn't be as expensive. Or even better, get her one piece and one of paula deen's recipe books and/or the food ingredients for something in the book or something she makes often, that she could use that cookware for.

    Purfume and lotion don't sound good for the same reason as the foot massager.

    You could get her a couple of movies you think she'd like and some popcorn or candy or something to help her relax after work.

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    Gather up your sibling and have your pic made with Santa ND FRAME IT ..no matter how old you either parent will like thsi

    MERRY CHRISTMAS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73OcXl6Bgyw

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