What are the differences between Linux and Windows?

What programs can be installed




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  • 1 decade ago
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    Thats a loaded question, and your just asking to start arguments, lol. Most linux fans are die-hard anti Microsoft.

    There are so many differences, it's kinda hard to narrow them all down. Mainly, the interface. Linux is more command line, while windows is more point and click. Also, Linux pretty much comes basic, and you will need to tweak it to suite you.

    Speed is relative, and depends on what you mean. If your talking browsing the web, it's pretty much the same if your running a clean windows system. Software wise, it depends on the programs. Windows based programs will always run faster on a windows machine.

    Linux can run windows programs (a good amount), but you will have to use an imulator such as wine. Which, will cause them to run slower.

    It all comes down to need. Linux has come a long way, and can pretty much do almost everything windows can. You just have to get past the learning curve. Linux has Open Office (Microsoft office), GIMP (Adobe Photoshop), VLC Player (windows media player), and so on.

    Right now, Linux and Windows 7 are both pretty good on resources, so just try it out. It's free, so it will only cost you your time. You can run linux from a cd without installing it. Or, partition your drive and run both. The only way to learn is to get your hands dirty. For someone new to linux, I would suggest one of these two distros. Also, try the Linux forums and you will find lots of walk throughs and instructions to get you started.



    Edit: I forgot to mention, as stated above, linux is not "game friendly". So if your into pc games, safer to stick with windows.

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  • 1 decade ago

    one is free one isnt free. nothing windows will work with linux platforms. linux doesnt have viruses issues like windows. the most popular linux distribution is umbunto. its the most user friendly, meaning if youre used to using windows then its relatively easy to get around Ubunto. with all of its advantages I wouldnt recomend it as your only operating system.

    the biggest negative aspect of linux is gaming compatibility. a lot of games are only compatible with windows.

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