Do you think that immigration from south of the border is about Dem votes?

In many states, and more are trying to establish this: if you have a driver's license, you can vote. All that's needed for a driver's license in my state is three forms of ID. That can include a birth certificate, a driver's license from anywhere, and a social security number, but they will accept a utility bill with your name on it. Although they have the ability to cross check social security numbers, they either won't or can't do that. The more warm bodies the states can get on their state welfare rolls, to more Federal money they receive. The Federals love it because it justifies their existence. And in my opinion, once these moochers are entrenched in all these programs, you aren't going to get them out even with dynamite. My question is this: As long as the Dems are in power, do you think the immigration problem is going to be solved?

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    Your government is a no longer works for you.....your non-representing representatives are in Washington working for themselves and for the advancing their futures NOT yours. Your Constitution is being ignored because it is OUT DATED according to some of the mental giants living in this country. Good Luck's been good to know you.

  • Citizens of the US are the only ones allowed or elligible to vote.

    How does one prove he/she is a citizen? A birth certif that states the person was born on US soil, a passport and naturalization papers. The person then goes to the electoral commission and presents any of these documents so he can get a voter's ID or registration.

    Anything that isn't the above is a violation of laws, local and federal. The state that does not follow the above (i.e. must be a citizen) is a joke, and serious penalties must be addressed at once. The fate of this United States will be in jeopardy.

    There's a saying that you don't have to invade a country militarily and by force of arms. This country is already being slowly invaded by people who do not want to speak English, and has the audacity to demand that they be catered to. Outrageous!

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    So in order to get a valid ID, they need 3 forms of lesser ID, to include SS# a birth certificate and a former drivers license. What more do you think should be done in order to register to vote? Blood and DNA samples?

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    The Dems want to have the illegal aliens coming here because they will be Democrats.However they vote, either legally after the Dems give them legal status, or if they manage to cast illegal votes with the help of ACORN, the Dems love it.

    The Republicans love them also because they are a source of cheap labor and help hold down the salaries of American citizens.

    We the people, the vast majority of us, are the only ones wanting a Government that enforces the laws they pass.

    Think we will get what the vast majority wants and the law demands?

    Don't hold your breath.

    Throw out all the bums in Congress. They long ago proved they are not servants of the citizens.

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  • 1 decade ago

    No, it is not going to be solved because politicians only care about getting reelected. Even republicans have backed down on this issue for fear of "alienating" hispanics and latinos. The problem here is that the rest of Americans have been alienated. I do agree with having to show ID when voting at least that is something.

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    Immigration is not a democrat or republicans problem it's a American problem .Both parties have fail to do anything about immigration over a span of 50 years .

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    Liberals use all forms of illegal tactics to win elections. They can't win on the truth. Acorn sees to that.

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    Nope I think it is more about big business wanting cheap labor.

    You do know that Reagan declared the first amnesty don't you?

    It's gone downhill since then.

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    yes, democrats love to get votes from crooks thugs and terrorists.

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    Are you trying to blame this problem on the Democrats? Really? What was done about illegal immigration for the eight years that Bush was in office? Oh, yeah....nothing.....I guess he didn't want to offend bubba Jeb's Mexican wife.....

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