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Should I get rid of my two year old hamster?

My mom and dad are worried that he has or will contract a disease that would mutate and infect us, so it will have no cure. Jumpy(that's his name) was born in February 2008 so its almost 2 years. He has a weird growth on his back that used to be big but got better and he also had a weird growth around his eye. The eye growth made things white stuff ooze out of his eye and made his eye really swollen so he couldn't see. His eye isn't swollen anymore but it still has white stuff. He's still energetic and doesn't look sick but my parents heard from a radio station that pets are less resistant against diseases and will contract them more often which they will then pass on to us. They want to get rid of him and no one would want a nearly 2yr old hamster so...

I still think he's awesome.

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    That sounds like an infection, cyst or a blocked gland. Take your hammy up to the vet.

    Your hammy isn't going to contract something, give it to you and then kill you all! Shoot your radio station.

    If you want to keep your hammy keep him. If he's still active he'll live a long life. However if you have to give him away then one way to have someone re-home him is putting a advertisement into the vet window, pet stores etc as then it'll be noticed.

    Good luck!

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    There are a few diseases that rodents carry that can infect people. However, if you have already had him for 2 years, then - chances are- you would have been infected by now! However, usually diseases and illnesses can not be caught or passed between humans and animals. However, at 2, your hamster is pretty elderly already. I would definitely get him checked by your vet. He might need some antibiotics for that eye! You could get a culture done to see if it is anything contagious.

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    A hamster's lifespan is about 2 years. I agree with the above poster that you should take him to the vet and get their opinion. And be diligent with hygiene, keeping his cage clean and washing your hands after handling him. Hamsters are more in danger from catching things from humans than the other way around, so keep him away from sick people, too.

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    I highly doubt. that your hamster is going to give you a disease that will kill you if you have already had it for 2 years. Its probably just getting old. Talk it to a vet.

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    Did you try a vet? They would help so much and you can keep your hamster! Good luck! :)

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    You should get rid of your hamster!

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