Changing from Windows Millenium to Linux?

I work on the older system as I can't afford a newer one. I'm actually surprised I never got a cold from all the freezing going on. Yesterday has decided it - it froze 5 times during 10 minutes with need of restart by resetting.

I've heard Linux is much more stable and it's free as well.

All I work on my PC with is the gimp, which I think has versions for Linux, some video/music player, text editor and the internet. I rarely play any games (like once a year I get attracted to something, but I drop it in a week).

So the question is - where to go, what to get and what to do with it.

Also if you have any points you think I missed or may have underestimated, please tell me. Thank you.


Just... John K, the computer hardware is not that old. We have 4 PC at home and mine is simply the last in the line of updates - whenever my grandfather buys something, the older stuff moves around. However, I managed to get a relatively new hard-disc, processor and extra RAM recently as there was a major problem with the older things. So all that bothers me is the system. I moved from 98 just last year.

Update 2:

And ussualy new hardware is bought more often than OS, they are much less of them ;-)

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  • John K
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    1 decade ago
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    I'm amazed that you stuck with ME for so long. It actually went out with button up boots. Besides that, it was noted as being Microsoft's biggest lemon and the most unstable OS of the lot. I used it so I can vouch for all of that plus more. We called it the "Blue Screen of Death!"

    However, the fact that your computer has ME, also means that your computer is very old. I'm amazed that GIMP even works, but lucky you.

    May I suggest that before taking the plunge, you do one of two things.

    1. Wait a year for Google Chrome OS which will be free and probably work with most Windows (pre Win 7) stuff okay after it's been out for a while. It's also linux, so it should work out of the box with GIMP.

    2. Don't delete ME just yet because Linux may be too difficult to get your head around. Instead, download and install a CD version of Knoppix. It's free, boots your computer and runs Linux, but also leaves ME totally intact in case you want to go back. You just take the CD out of the drive, reboot your computer and it's back to normal

    Sorry I don't have a link, but just Google Knoppix. If you like what you see, PM me and I'll send you a tutorial I wrote some time ago explaining how to install and run it. That goes for anyone else reading this post.

    If Knoppix is too big to download, you can purchase a CD for about ten bucks. Either way, you get a bucket load of free software including Open Office and maybe even GIMP. You'll also be amazed at what else runs under Linux. That includes most Windows stuff if you install a plug-in.

    Good luck.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I would suggest that you first try Ubuntu because it is easy to install and use and has a large number of users who can help you if you have any questions. It has gimp and several text editors and some great music players. Linux has its own games that can distract you for a few hours.

    You should first download the iso and burn the image to a cd. The cd is called a livecd; which means you can run ubuntu entirely from the cd (although a little slowly) and see if you like it and have any hardware problems with it.

    The most important thing is that you realize that linux is not windows and you will have to learn to do things the linux way. Linux is not hard just different. Read the documentation that is on the ubuntu website.

    Have fun

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  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    I switched from Xp (used windows since it was born) to Ubuntu Linux 9.04 about 2 months ago. Downloaded from Ubuntu site.

    I have since-upgraded to Ubuntu 9.10 as of last Friday. Both ran great, 9.10 is better.

    Look at this site to get an idea of what is out there and available, and of course whats popular.-

    look on the extreme right hand column and scroll down. There you will see a list of Linux distributions (about 100) and the most popular will be on top. If you click on a distribution- a window will open giving some info about that distro, also a link to their website.

    If your comp is older, there are minimum requirements for some distro's. Ubunbtu needs a bare min of 256 ram. 512 is more is better.

    There are several distribution designed for older machines.

    Damn Small Linux

    Puppy Linux

    You can download the software and burn it to a cd- then load it on your comp. Or, some of these companies will send you a free may take a while. Even if you have to pay for one, its only a few bucks ($1.95-$10)

    I have Ubuntu running on 2 comps-

    my old one- a dell p3, 866 mhz with 384k ram has 8.04 on it. Its a little slow.

    My new one, is a home made kit. a p4,3.0ghz with 768k ram, and has 9.10 on it. Its super cool.

    Good luck

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  • 1 decade ago

    Windows ME is by far one of the worst OS ever created (and defiantly the worst that Microsoft ever created). The fact that you have used it for so long is a true testament to your tolerance.

    That being said, Linux should work fine on your system and you will defiantly see a great improvement in how your computer runs. I recommend filling out the following quiz ( ) to see which distro (distribution) is best for you. It will provide a link to that/those distros that you should try. Just burn off the distro on a CD and reboot with the CD in the drive. GIMP was first designed on Linux and I find it runs a little better on Linux over Windows so you should be fine.

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  • Yeti
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    1 decade ago

    Go anywhere other than Window ME. That's easily the worst OS Microsoft has put out.

    And depending on all your uses, I'd try to get to a newer system. Windows ME is about, what, 10 years old now? If you can afford the occasional game, you can surely save up for something like a low-end refurbished netbook at the worst. And if nothing else that would save you the time of resetting, learning Linux, etc.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I also run an older computer. It was windows 2000. however I have Debian installed on it now and love it. there is also a few other OS that are nice too. here is a list of operating systems that I'm pretty sure will work well on your computer. (I love it) (very lightweight and should run well on older hardware, linux mint is based on an OS called Ubuntu which you can also try

    Dream Linux is also quite nice

    there are plenty of Linux operating systems out there, and almost all of them are free. here is a website that lists the latest and most popular Linux operating systems

    Source(s): Myself
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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    abode windows ninety 8 and abode windows Millenium (which at the instant are not a similar element) are 8 to 10 years previous. yet they nonetheless artwork and the two working internet Explorer that's many times all you will possibly be able to desire to acquire music or video clips. you need to examine what version of IE you have and in simple terms confirm you're working a minimum of version 5. i think 6 additionally will artwork with ninety 8 and ME. you additionally can attempt downloading and use the unfastened browser Firefox. the present version of it is going to run on ninety 8 and ME and could enable you to acquire. The device standards for abode windows XP are just about indentical to ninety 8 and ME, so there's a physically powerful replace your laptop must be as much as date to XP. that's no longer bought in shops yet you need to have the means to locate a duplicate on line for greater or less $a hundred. that should enable you to run the present version of IE and do downloads. yet odds are that it is not abode windows ninety 8 or ME that's battling the downloads. greater information approximately why you may no longer acquire or what sort of errors you get could be helpful.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I thoroughly recommend Linux Mint 7 XFCE which is ideally suited to slightly older PC's and built upon Ubuntu 9.04 Its easy to install and easy to use plus it comes with much of the software you are likely to need preinstalled

    Linux Mint 7 XFCE Download

    Linux Mint 7 XFCE Release notes

    You download the ISO. image of Linux Mint 7 XFCE then you need to create a Bootable LiveCD for installation

    Linux Mint 7 XFCE can also be run direct from the LiveCD from Booting up without touching your Hard Drive


    Linux Mint 6 ext3 with switchable Compiz 0.7.8 and Beryl 0.2.1*

    *Beryl 0.2.1 sourced from Ubuntu 7.04 repositories


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