Could this unpopular Medical Health Care Bill cause some states to cede from the union...?

Before the states go bankrupt due to mandates of the upcoming Medical Health Care Bill, do you think some states would rather cede from the union? For instance, in the first few months after Texas reformed medical malpractice tort law they were able to save 2 billion dollars which went back into updating hospitals. Why would they put up with being strapped with this monstrosity when they are reforming their health care on their own?

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    They should do it. Let's hope it is not going to be passed and do something against it.

    Federal Health Bill Calls For Billions in Orwellian Psych Programs and Treatments

    Information: As the entire country is aware, there is currently an effort in Congress to pass a massive “Health Care Reform” bill. In fact, Congressional leadership is doing everything in its power to pass this $1 trillion plus bill.

    There are two versions of the bill — one in the House (H.R. 3200) and one in the Senate (there is no number for the Senate bill at this point, but it is titled the Affordable Health Choices Act).

    Both bills forward massive increases in government funding of mental health programs that turn America into a full blown therapeutic state...

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    Vid #2

    Vid #3

    Take action



    UPDATE: New Health Care Bill Drafted by House of Representatives Filled with Psycho/Pharma Industry Agenda

    Information: The newly-forged 1990-page “Affordable Health Care for America Act” (HR 3962) offered by the House of Representatives is filled with mental health provisions intended to prop up psychiatry as well as the pharmaceutical industry with billions in future income. Key mental health components of this House bill:

    Mental Health Parity

    The bill mandates Mental Health Parity, or equal insurance coverage for mental disorders as what are covered for physical diseases, whether under their regular health insurance or whether a person gets their new coverage through the Health Insurance Exchange.  Psychiatric patients are traditionally “cured” when their insurance benefits run out.  In this bill, those benefits never run out.  Considering there are no medical tests to verify the existence of any psychiatric disorder, and without anything other than a psychiatrist’s opinion about whether or not the person’s “illness” is “cured,” this legislation becomes nothing more than taxpayer funded billions to the psycho/pharmaceutical industry who will continue their jihad of mass drugging of Americans.  This provision could easily encompass all 374 diagnoses in psychiatry’s diagnostic manual, covering everything from Phase of Life Problem to Arithmetic Disorder.  Section 214, Page 100

    School Based Health Clinics

    The bill includes funding for School Based Health Clinics that will include subjective psychiatric mental health screening (called mental health assessments) of children, and “referral to a continuum of services including emergency psychiatric care, community support programs, inpatient care, and outpatient programs” as part of their “comprehensive primary health services.”  This is a direct feeder line for the psycho/pharmaceutical industry directly into our schools. – Section 2511, Page 1352

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    If it was that easy, states would have did that before George W. Bush spent $3 trillion on the war in Iraq, which only benefits the oil companies and defense contractors.

    Why would anyone complain about a plan that will cut back on insurance company profits?


    Maybe you need to do a little research first, and you'll see that Bush and the Republican congress were the ones that exploded the deficit.

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    I don't support Gov involved health care. But you can't secede from the union. They tried that in the civil war. You can leave the country, but you cannot declare any part of United States soil a sovereign state.

    On the other hand, if a state did try it, and the union declared war on the state attempting to secede, chances are pretty good the Messiah would surrender. So might be worth a shot.

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    By unpopular you mean with the right, isn't that enough reason. Going slow is what has been happening for the last 80 years. Saying no to everything is not advancing the issue. I think that you are a Dr. the same way Laura Schlesinger is.

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    States are irrelevant. State governments are just as corrupt as the Federal Government. A civil war is coming.

    Health care and cap and trade will finish off our economy. America will quickly become a third world country with huge tax increases and no middle class. The people will then revolt. And it will be a terrible thing.

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    Haha, ceding from the Union because they want to make health care available to everyone. that's nuts!

    I never considered that.

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    Texas has been on the verge for years. This country is due for a revolution and Obama gives us good reason to revolt.

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    You want to cede from the union because Obama wants to help your poor people?

    Good riddence.

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