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how good is this computer?

My dad is buying a computer 4 my birthday and he says it really good because it has

6gb ram

gtx 295

intel core 2 duo

850w power supply

and a 1tb hard drive

But what does that mean and is it a good computer or his he lying plz tell me

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    That computer is pretty powerful. It has the most powerful gaming graphics card or known as video card (Nvidia Geforce GTX295) on the planet! 6GB RAM whether its DDR2 or DDR3 is A LOT! The processor (Intel core 2 duo) is not so good. I'd give it a 3 star because it has only 2 cores and the speed would probably range from 1.8ghz to 3ghz. When you find out the speed of the processor, you double that speed because your computer has 2 cores so you multiply the speed by 2. The PSU (Power Supply Unit) is big and provides way enough power for your whole system. The 1TB Hard Drive is heaps of space for you. You could fit heaps of stuff like heaps of games, pictures, music, etc. Looking at these specs and the power supply, for sure this is a desktop computer and not a laptop.

    Since your kind of new to computing, i will explain the parts to you.

    CPU: The CPU (Central Processing Unit) or known as processor is the brain of the computer. It processes everything in your computer, like when you open a application, the processor does it. The faster the processor, the faster things will go. But everything is not dependent on the processor, it matters about the other specifications too. CPU speeds are measured in Ghz (Gigahertz) and sometimes in Mhz (Megahertz). Mhz is the lower measurement for Ghz but they are the same thing. 1000mhz = 1ghz. Many CPUs have caches, these are really intelligent chips that are built-in with the CPU. What it does is it predicts what the CPU may need next, so it moves the data from the RAM to the Cache. The bigger the cache size, the better. Usually, CPU caches guess the data right 90% the time. CPU caches range from 512kb to 12MB and there are various cache types like L2 and L3.

    RAM: RAM stands for Random Access Memory and is like temporary memory for things that are already open. Applications and things you have open are temporarily stored in the RAM. If you have sufficient RAM, there is no lag or delay. Having more RAM or sufficient RAM to fit your needs is essential to a good computer. Technically speaking, 2GB+ RAM is far enough for computing. The CPU also gathers data from the RAM as well. Also, when you download a file, and it gives you a option of opening or saving, if you choose open, then the file will eventually go to the RAM and not save to your hard drive. Your hard drive is permanent data storage.

    Video Card: Video card or known as Graphics card is what controls all the imaging, graphics related things that happen on your computer. It also outputs the image onto the monitor. A computer can still work without a video card. Instead it will use the built-in video with the motherboard which is very poor performance. Games are very reliant on the video card as the faster the video card the higher performance you get. The Video Card matters more when it comes to gaming as CPU and the built-in video can not handle games so well. If the video card is powerful, then it may have 6-pin or 8-pin power sockets on them. Thats why its crucial to check the specifications on how many watts PSU you need and what connectors you need. If you forget to plug one of these PCI-E 6-pin or 8-pin connector, then your video card will not power up. Also, video cards come with their own video output ports which on the back of a computer case, you can plug in your monitor.

    Motherboard: The motherboard says it all. Its a board that is the main thing in the computer case. Everything is plugged into it. The CPU, RAM, Video Card, Sound Card, PSU (Power Supply Unit) Hard drives, DVD Drives anything else is all plugged into the Motherboard. Motherboards have different sockets and you must have the correct sockets when you are building a computer and all the parts must be compatible with your motherboard. These sockets on your motherboard are: CPU sockets(e.g. LGA775, LGA1156, LGA1366,AM2,AM3 etc), RAM sockets (e.g. DDR2 or DDR3 etc), PCI slots, PCI-E x16 slots, SATA ports, IDE etc. PCI-E x16 is the slot that graphics cards go into. There are various CPU sockets so get it right if your going to buy a CPU for your motherboard. Different RAM types such as DDR, DDR2 and DDR3 are all different sizes and don't fit if put in the incorrect socket. For e.g. DDR2 can not fit in DDR slots or DDR3 slots. Also, the back panel of your computer case is actually the motherboard itself. The motherboard has connectors at the back which when they build it, the back panel sticks out and you have the ports like PS2 mouse and keyboard ports, USB ports, ethernet port (RJ-45), etc.

    HDD (Hard Drive Disk): The Hard Drive is the permanent storage for your computer. They can come in different types like, SSD (Solid State Drive), normal hard drives or RAID types. The bigger the size of your HDD, the more you can store in it.

    DVD/CD drive: This is where DVDs and CDs go into. There are various types of disks and to see if your drive is compatible to do these things. The various types include: CD-R, CD+R, CD+RW, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-

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    i think it's a good computer. 6gb ram is more than enough to do plenty of things. the most important is make sure the Itel Core 2 Duo proccessor is over 2.4 GHz cuz if it is lower than that your pc might keep freezing and you'll be forced to upgrade the proccessor which might be about £100 = $140.

    as i read on net it GeForce GTX 295 is a really good graphic card with high capacity.

    And 1TB HDD is same as 1000GB HDD so you can save up to 250 000 mp3 songs.

    But i don't know about power supply.

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    Dig this ;)

    Intel i7 920.

    A simple i7 motherboard (EVGA and Asus are my favorite)

    6 GB or DDR3

    EVGA GTX 295 gpu

    two nvidia gtx295 in SLi

    Need a good 850-1000watt PSU. Id grab a Corsair TX 850, HX 1000, Enermax Revolution, Antec Signature 850w etc.

    a western digital raptor HDD for the OS

    and a 1tb harddrive for storage (or multiple solid state drives in RAID but you would be fine either way)

    Zilog Z80 processor is the absolute best you can get...it may cost a lot but you cannot find anything faster.

    Source(s): Since the AT/XT Days
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    @JITYA "Zilog Z80 processor is the absolute best you can get...it may cost a lot but you cannot find anything faster."

    Are you just yanking the kid's chain, or is someone yanking yours?

    I cut my teeth on the 8080a. When the z80 came out with it's single 5v power requirements, I was in love! Last I looked a few years back, you could still get z80's for about 99 cents a pop.

    PS: I still have a Timex-Sinclair computer - still in it's original box, along with a 64K expansion module.

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    this is a good computer. if you can send me the link of the computer, i can tell you if it is worth the price though. you should go on newegg and check the price for each chip and add up the prices. that way you can figure out if you are getting the computer for a good price. if it is over, that means you can build the computer yourself for cheaper. it's usually cheaper to build it and it's fun. good thing to learn too.

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    On a Mac, shift/control/3 takes a picture of the screen. If you press shift/control/4, you can click and drag over the area you want; the picture is taken when you release the mouse button.

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    Depends on what you plan on using it for. It will make a great gaming rig, but would be overkill if all you do is read email, share photos on facebook, and do some blogging on twitter.

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    Yep that's not a bad rig!!!

    Would be nice to know the Model of the CPU, but everything listed is sweet!

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    Wow! That's a brilliant computer. You're a lucky kid!

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    1 decade ago

    it is a very good average computer

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