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Robinho believes he can be the best player on earth if he plays for barca? i wonder what drugs he takes :)?

he wasn't good enough to get a place in madrid's first team! and that before they bought ronaldo and offered a slightly above average player far far too much money....had they not done that, he still would be at madrid ( maybe chelski ) playing in their second does he reward city?.....we all know the answer to that....lazy and arrogant......i am a united supporter.....but c rap is c should make him see out his contract...and dump the little **** in the reserves........

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    Man City should cash in on him since his heart is no more in the EPL.Let him warm the benches of the Nou Camp.

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    Yet another footballer to add to the list of mercenaries that blight our game. What on earth makes him think his erratic performances for Man City warrant him a place in the team of the European champions?

    Man City don't need the transfer fee. If he wants to leave, dump him in the reserves until his contract expires. I think Man City are a better team without him anyway...

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    Whatever you think of him, he does have the natural ability to be a World footballer of the year, unfortunatley for him,his attitude dictates that it is unlikely to happen. Far too arrogant, far too lazy, no respect for teammates and too motivated by money and personal accolades.

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    robinho is a great player but he will always finish about 8th on the ballon d'or and PFA awards because he will never be the world's best player. he would certainly not displace wingers messi and iniesta at barcelona thats for sure

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    Robiniho is a very good player, he has good dribbling skills, but he is no Messi or Ronaldo. He never will be

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    Harsh words my friend,but true.He is such a big headed idiot!Was it £32 million for him?The biggest waste of money on a player since David Bentley!I think they should let him go and carry on with Belamy and that money grabbing ****** Adebayor.

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    Acid(LSD) Psylicibin (Magic Mushrooms) Peyote ? He's hallucinating LOL

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