Should I Pursue My Dream Even if Its a Longshot?

Last year I was a freshman in college but didnt end up playing because I had to go on medical leave after the fall semester. I was slated to make the team after having a decent fall season. This year I will technically still be considered a freshman with four years left of eligibility During my junior year of high school i hit .350 at the plate and i started taking the game seriously.My senior year was cut short by an injury and I was only able to play in two games.

The only problem is that in high school I hadn't even been sniffed by a college scout. Its my dream to prolong my baseball career after college. I'm currently at a small D3 college in Ohio and I fear that even if I do put up solid numbers i will still get no exposure. Another problem that I have is my size right now I'm currently 5 10 and only weigh about 150 and dont have to much bulk to me. Even as it is at 5 10 150 I can absolutely tear the cover off the ball to all fields and im solid defensively in the outfield. This leads me to believe that I still have a ton of untapped potential that could come around if I can get bigger.Im hoping to do this through a 52 week training program that im currently on.

Do I have any realistic shot at someday becoming that good if I play through college? People who have seen me play now would say I have no shot. I feel like a small fish in a big pond and that no matter how hard I try I will never reach it.Could I ever make it with extreme determination and hard work? I know that I'll have to work harder then i could ever imagine but I'm willing to go to great lengths for this.I just want to know if it will all be worth it in the long run.

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    Just who are these people/the same types that said FDRcouldn't win because of polio. You know you have to try. But, be sensible- no drugs, steroids etc.Keep your grades up and practice regularly. I would think that all infield positions except 1b would help you--Aparicio, Morgan, Reese etc and many others made it to COOPERSTOWN and were all much smaller than you. You have the fire, use it,

    Source(s): Guidance Counselor-1972-98. former coach.
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    Hi baseballrulz, Im gonna ask you about your other post about socializing... if you don't mind, it's completely unrelated to your question now but since you don't allow IM, e-mail or comments.

    "Having a hard time socializing? What is wrong with me?" I was just searching YA about this topic bec. I'm quite depressed about being an introvert person too. until I found your post which I can trully relate with. Im 21, and socializing has been diffcult for me since 16 when I finally matured and realize life is for grown-ups. I wonder how you are coping with this now? Because Im really having a down time about this too. Im the type of person who is uncomfortable with conversation within crowds. So how do u feel about this now?

    Source(s): You know what, I'm suprised to know I'm not alone, we're not alone. It's just that our type of personality conceal us from each other that's why it's difficult to find the right people or person to talk with this same situation. I'll be glad to hear from you
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    I often feel that way too. I want to be a published author. I know it will be a hard life, and I'll have to work hard just to barely make enough to live, but I'm going to pursue my dream. I have a friend who has a chronic illness that prevents her from doing a lot of physical activity, but she wants to be a horse trainer. She has to work twice as hard and she could die because its a dangerous profession, even without her illness, but she's still going to pursue her dream.

    I think everyone has a purpose... something they were meant to do. And a lot of people never figure out what it is. Some people do, but then wimp out, and decide its too hard, or its too risky.

    And then there's the people who figure out what they're meant to do in their lives, and they do it. Period. End of subject. On the good days, and the bad days. They don't listen to the people who tell them its not possible or that they'll never make it...even when the person telling them that is themselves.

    You have to decide which one of these people you want to be.

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    Coming from a small D3 college myself, we've had some adult males drafted (many times lefty pitchers), so definite getting drafted is a danger. the considerable nonetheless, is having some thing to grant and it style of feels as while you're insightful sufficient to renowned your weaknesses. artwork on them to the suited of your means and supply it your suited shot. The worst component which will ensue is you alter right into a greater proper participant, have exciting attempting, and get in greater proper shape (which will help with the ladies), yet don't get drafted. does not sound all that undesirable to me. in case you do no longer flow all out for it, you will in all probability be pissed at your self down the line. solid success

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    Since you have not been drafted, you currently have no chance.

    Assuming you are graduating, and you will be seeking a job, I would look at Semi-Pro ball...on a rare occasion a player can be given a ML tryout if he's playing Semi-Pro.

    Don't ask me where the teams are located...on the East Coast and in California, I know.

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    you are only a frosh just work hard and dedicate yourself to it and if you are good enough someone will find you. its better to try and fail chasing your dream than to give up and wonder for the rest of your life if you could have made it. and remember for a good percentage of pro athletes they were told at some point that its damn near impossible to be a pro athlete but there are still 1500 major league players not to mention the minor leagues. baseball is the sport that gives you a real chance to work your way up to the highest level and remember you only need 1 scout to give you a chance then the rest is up to you .

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    You should try. If you do work extremely hard and want it bad you can do it. But you do have to stick to a plan. If you work out a lot you can bulk up.

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    Be realistic , playing in the minors is a tough life and some real good players never make it .

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    You have to try.

    Don't be another who will question why you didn't.

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