What is the meaning of "The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all."?

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What does that mean? And how can it be applied to romantic relationships, love, etc?
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Lol k. the flower can and most often refers to a girl that is brought up through alot of hardship and still comes out at the end being even more fantastic at the end becouse u know that she went though alot just to get were she is. she is more impressive becouse of what she has been through
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  • mschvs_65 answered 5 years ago
    A flower will bloom with perfect conditions, and so it goes with relationships, love or anything else. If everything is going great, then it is easy. But a flower that can grow in bad conditions (adversity), is special because by all rights it shouldn't have bloomed, which makes it rare and beautiful. The same is true of love, or friendship I suppose. It is easy to have love and friendships, if everything is easy and happy. However, a friendship or romantic relationship that survives through really tough times when most people would have given up, would be considered rare and special. For example, two people who managed to stay the best of friends, even though one of them has to move away and they have trouble seeing each other, or perhaps two young lovers whose families have forbade them to be together because of religious or family reasons. If their love was to survive and bloom, even though their families tried to keep them apart, that would be a relationship that bloomed in the face of adversity.
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  • BiskwitMamaw answered 5 years ago
    it's the same as the saying "Hardships build character"
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  • Annuh answered 5 years ago
    It means someone who finds themselves in the middle of something difficult isn't common, and is amazing :)

    I worded it funny though...
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  • d_r_siva answered 5 years ago
    Similar to "a friend in need is a friend indeed".
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  • KCL answered 5 years ago
    i'll take a stab at it! it means when love happens under the most difficult of situations is the best kind of love. this love can be a long distance relationship, or the love/relationship happens when it really should have failed. think about romeo and juliet, that's probably the easiest way of explaining it. hope this helps.
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  • nick h h answered 5 years ago
    It is untrue so it does not matter.

    It means the flower that blooms when the odds are against it is more rare and beautiful FOR blooming when the odds are against it. It is untrue becasue the flower is still a flower. You can not say one rose is better than another because it had a more difficult life, just like people. You can't say one is more beautiful than another because it had a tougher life. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, not in a fight against adversity.
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