Does size matter? Could Bruce Lee or any top martial artists beat guys much bigger who are just as skilled?

I think in a tournament with rules the bigger guy with skill wins but if it's no rules then I don't think size matters much
Update: the only way bruce lee beats ali in a fight is if it's a no rule contest because he could not realistically avoid every blow for very long
Update 2: in the law of physicals there's no way bruce lee was the strongest hitter
Update 3: *physics*.........
Update 4: if size didn't matter then there wouldn't be weight divisions in boxing and ufc
and btw u didn't tell me if bruce would beat them which indicates he wouldn't beat bigger guys who are skilled
Update 5: jarr that's what i'm saying!!!!
if it's a no rule contest it doesn' tmatter because you can attack weak points and dispose of them quick
Update 6: you can punch peopl ein the throat in boxing though
Update 7: the wolf if you READ what I said I said it wouldn't matter in a STREET FIGHT but it would matter ina fight with RULES such as UFC and BOXING!!!!
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