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Does size matter? Could Bruce Lee or any top martial artists beat guys much bigger who are just as skilled?

I think in a tournament with rules the bigger guy with skill wins but if it's no rules then I don't think size matters much


the only way bruce lee beats ali in a fight is if it's a no rule contest because he could not realistically avoid every blow for very long

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in the law of physicals there's no way bruce lee was the strongest hitter

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if size didn't matter then there wouldn't be weight divisions in boxing and ufc

and btw u didn't tell me if bruce would beat them which indicates he wouldn't beat bigger guys who are skilled

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jarr that's what i'm saying!!!!

if it's a no rule contest it doesn' tmatter because you can attack weak points and dispose of them quick

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you can punch peopl ein the throat in boxing though

Update 7:

the wolf if you READ what I said I said it wouldn't matter in a STREET FIGHT but it would matter ina fight with RULES such as UFC and BOXING!!!!

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    in a street fight size doesn't matter because you can attack weak points like throat, eyes, groin, joints, small joints, ect.

    But in a competition there are rules that limit what you can and can't do. Therefore giving the bigger person who is equally skilled an advantage.

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    Yes smaller guys has a chance of beating bigger guys who are just as skilled. If its a street fight where there is no rule. There are a lot of factor to consider like the styles. A hard hitting small guy can knocked a bigger guy when they fight and the same goes to the bigger guys. Remember styles make the fight go the way it is. Maybe there are bigger guys out there who are taylor made to be beaten by a smaller guys and vice versa.

    Does size matter? Yes, but it does not give the bigger guy a guarantee to win. Remember a hard hitting small guy or big guy can end the fight at any given moment even though they are loosing in the start or the middle of the fight. Thats why there is something what they call a Lucky Punch...

    The only way to know the real answer of this question is to MAKE THE FIGHT HAPPENED...

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    The answer is BOTH yes AND no. If 2 people have equal skills, the bigger fighter has the advantage. Size still matters in street fighting, but it matters less since you do not need as much power to gouge the eyes, or hit a throat strike, but yes, there is still some advantage for the bigger guy. Also, there is an intimidation factor which is a factor as well with bigger guys. However, if the smaller guy has a lot of training, and the bigger guy has only a little bit of training, the smaller guy can easily win. I heard of many smaller guys taking out bigger guys before. But if bigger guys train just as much as the small guy, then the bigger guy has the advantage.

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    A good big man will beat a good little man. Not 100% of the time, but probably 96% or better of the time.

    As for your proposition that a no-rules contest means you can attack weak points, don't you think the big guys can do that, too? Check out Jon Hess vs. Andy Anderson from UFC 5. Hess, a much larger fighter, used eye-gouges on Anderson on his way to winning the match.

    When skill levels reach equilibrium, other factors, like conditioning, size, power, speed, etc. become more of an issue. It's practically a mathematical equation. Two factors are equal (skill), but one guy has more of something (size, strength), the equation is tilted in his favor.

    All things being equal, bigger guys hit harder (more mass), are more difficult to take down (more weight to move around), more difficult to maneuver in the clinch (again, more mass), and are more dominant on top on the ground (once again, it's hard to bench-press someone 30% larger than you). Do you really think Brock Lesnar is more technical than Randy Couture? He won in large part because, well, he's large.

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    There are pros and cons to just about everything. Size has advantages and disadvantages. "How skilled" a person is, is also relative to "what" they're skilled in. Different styles have strengths and weaknesses in certain situations.

    Yes, Bruce Lee could have taken down MOST heavy weight boxers simply because boxing doesn't train a person to handle all the techniques TKD offers. However even Bruce Lee could be taken down by some MMA fighters if they could get him tangled up. And, in return, most MMA fighters out there are primarily grapplers. One good hit on the button from a boxer, may very well put their lights out before they get on the guy.

    Then, there's guys like Kimbo... That guy's a friggin monster. He's not even the "biggest" guy a lot of times, but he's the incarnation of savage, brute strength. Then again, Earl Montaigue does Tai Chi... and I'll BET Earl could take Kimbo down because it doesn't matter how strong the guy is... he's not amazingly fast, and Earl Montaigue's legendary when it comes to meridian striking. There are certain points on the human body you just CAN'T make stronger.

    ... good rhetorical question, though.

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    Size doesn’t really matter if you know what your doing. If you know enough about nerve clusters and their locations you can take out a 7foot tall guy who can bench 400lbs with a few well placed blows. Understanding the human body and it's weaknesses is vital for any fight. I'm a swordsman but even when one is armed it never hurts to know how to take out an opponent with your bare hands and feet.

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    I believe size has nothing to do with it. It does increase the challenge of defeating your enemy (Depending on your fighting style), but mainly, it doesn't help much.

    I believe what truly effects a fight is ambition, willpower, and determination. If you refuse to go down, 9/10 times, you'll either get back up, or come out on top.

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    In a street fight anything goes so I think Bruce Lee would be able to beat them all because he is very skillfull.

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    LOOKING AT IT FROM A LIFE AND DEATH PERSPECTIVE Size does not matter, its all about technique and strategy, plus the will to survive. Bruce lee, and anybody can take out just about anybody if willpower is present, and proper technique/strategy is used. Trust me

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    When you're talking about martial arts, sometimes speed and technique is more important than size.

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