Is it a double standard for some Muslims to use cartoons to promote violence and hatred, while some others?

use violence and hatred in response to cartoons written by others?

In other words, some Muslims use highly anti-semitic cartoons which promote violence and disrespect versus some Muslims who react to Mohammad cartoons.

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    Great post - and yes, it's incredibly hypocritical that throughout the Muslim world, you can find the most vile cartoons about Jews and also other non Muslims.

    Know what else is hypocritical? That in the Jewish capital of the one tiny Jewish country Israel, Jews are BANNED from worshipping on the holy Temple Mount area because MUSLIMS get 'upset' when they are there!!!

    Yet in the Muslim holy city of Mecca, there are actually SIGNS saying 'Muslims only' for specific roads. Here, take a look:

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    In your examples, you showed a single cartoon that characterizes "Jews" as liars making money off of their lies. While this may be overgeneralized, disagreeeable and possibly not true, it is hardly violence, unless you characterize criticism as "violence". Your attempt to weld "violence and disrespect" together indicates your true motivation.

    Certainly the "Mohammed" cartoons provoked some violent overreactions among the Muslims of the world, and militant Muslims are to blame for some of that, but the motivation behind the original solicitation is debatable. Cartoons are like bumper stickers, quick ways to throw up a slogan or stereotype without serious analysis or rebuttal. I suspect that the strongest reactions were not against the pastoral Mohammed but against the demented looking guy with the bomb turban.

    Mohammed is long dead. The cartoons were not about Mohammed but about what he represents, the Muslim faith. Westerners, coming from a Christian background, feel a distant kinship with Judaism (at least since World War II), but have little experience with Islam. And while the modern state of Israel should not be confused with the faith of Judaism, there are many organizations, Jewish and Gentile, that seek to do just that. While stoking the Western sympathies generated by the Holocaust, groups like the ADL and AIPAC work relentlessly to suppress news and criticism of Israeli military atrocities and political tactics against Palestinians living in the West Bank and Gaza. Any attempts to broker a Middle East peace are sabotaged by impossible Israeli demands and contradicting policies such as settlement building in occupied territory. And any discussion of proportionality between Israeli military actions and Palestinian violence is condemned as "anti-semitism".

    When an oppressed group thinks the world is no longer listening, it loses hope and begins to think only of desperate, irrational revenge. That is the state of many Palestinians, as well as many Middle Eastern Muslims. Diplomacy is always preferred, and violence is indefensible, but when diplomacy is rendered ineffective, then violence will occur. People don't just roll over and die because they can't be heard. The goal shifts, from dignity and survival to being heard at all costs.

    The corporate-owned Western media characterizes all Muslims almost exclusively as rabid, suicidal, alien fanatics. When you have such a reputation, undeservedly, you get a little paranoid (especially when Israel calls for your annihilation almost every day). It's no wonder that people like Ahmedinejad push back with denials of the Jewish Holocaust and threats to build nuclear weapons. It is strategy, intimidation, calculated to force a bully who will not otherwise back down.

    If the West truly showed an interest in the welfare of a country's people, not just a lustful interest in exploiting their natural resources, Muslims would soon look a lot more like reasonable people. But that's a distant goal in this age of peak oil and peaking water. Meanwhile, all thoughtful cultural analysis is crushed, and reasonable Muslim criticism of Western (including Israeli) policies is demonized as fanaticism, with predictably violent results.

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    Yes it is a double standard. The sad thing is that many are unaware of this. When the Muhammad wearing a bomb cartoon was protested, one muslim friend literary said, "I agree with my brothers, people should not criticize and demonize other religions". Then I asked him about some of the cartoons his "brothers" published, and he said, "well, all they are doing is protesting some of the practices of your religion". I then asked isn't that what the Danish cartoon did, and he said no.

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    The difference here is, anti-semetism vs a depiction of their prophet. It's two different things. I'm pretty sure there is no Jewish law that says "Don't say bad things about us." Although you shouldn't do that anyway, the issue you're addressing is like apples and oranges.

    Also, I doubt it was the same Muslims who produced that horrible Tomorrow's Pioneers show (they have it on Youtube, omg its bad) that complained about the image of Mohamed.

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    This cartoon Therapy shows the hypocrisy of the muslims:

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    yes of course it is

    but isn't that par for the course?

    many muslims demand that non-muslims recognise that islam is not a violent religion....and they will kill anyone who says or proves otherwise

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    Anyone who makes those cartoons is an intolerant lug, and anyone who reacts violently to them has forgotten what Islam is all about.

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    Palestinian children have only to live under the occupation and oppression of Israel to be full of hatred.

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    Infidel, how dare you!


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    Yes, Islam is so FRAGILE!

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