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Writing a paper - any recommendations for where to look for my topic?

I'm working on a term paper for my Existentialism class. The topic I've been working on is related to human relationships, love, and the aspect of responsibility and authenticity that is fundamental to the school of thought. Kind of how it relates to and is different from more classical ideas of love.

I'm working my way through Sartre's 'Being and Nothingness' and am planning on reading some existentialist literature like Dostoevsky.

Anyone have any recommendations for material that I might find helpful? I'm looking for any existentialist literature that deals with love (more specifically, romantic love rather than Kierkegaard's ideas on Christian love, for example) as well as plain old philosophical works.

I've been casually researching for a few weeks but my college library has an abundance of classical philosophy and a shortage of modern and contemporary so even a few hours flipping through the few books is rather unproductive Thanks in advance.

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    Eric Fromm has the best modern work on love that I have ever come across. It is called The Art of Loving.

    It is well worth the read even if you decide not to use the material.

    It is not that long either. I think that I read it in a day.

    Love and blessings Don

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    Plato's Euthyphro is an engaging communique. of path, through fact the characters in it belong interior of a polytheistic subculture, they could talk on the subject of the character of "the gods" interior the plural. yet that's an elementary sufficient psychological adjustment to make at the same time as analyzing it. what's trickier is figuring out the suited question at stake : Is something ethical through fact's what the gods command? or do they command it through fact's ethical? If burying the ineffective in a suited ceremony is ethical basically through fact the gods command it, then are they (is He) a thoroughly arbitrary Being, who ought to basically as truthfully command one sort of act as yet another? Who ought to basically as truthfully let us know "thou shalt kill" as "thou shalt no longer kill"? I would desire to think of you should chew on that for no less than 3 pages, and your essay could be one-5th written! Then pass directly to Plato's Republic, financial disaster 2. The appropriate passages come close to the tip of that financial disaster, the place Plato has Socrates explaining how the destiny guardians of the state would desire to be knowledgeable. a suited preparation shouldn't contain coaching little ones on the subject of the gods as Homer depicts them. (Later interior the e book, Plato shows exiling poets from the Republic altogether). The Homeric gods are useful yet degenerate people. coaching them to little ones vegetation in youngster's minds the theory that's sturdy to wreck out with in spite of you are able to in pursuit of your individual pleasures. there is a few glaring synergy between those 2 Platonic texts and what they are asserting on the subject of the character of the gods Plato and his contemporaries had heard of. That'll get you began. The type of pages seems fairly small given all you would be wanting to contemplate!

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