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What say Ye of Einsteins "Theory of Everything"?

I believe that the reason Einstein failed to complete his "Theory of Everything" was because of his rejection of Quantum Mechanics. I believe that Quantum Mechanics in itself is incomplete! I believe that because it is an imperfect thought, Einstein rejected it too quickly. It was repulsive in his perfect way of thinking. I would call Quantum Mechanics the "Theory of Interference". It is really a "key", if you will, that was being offered as a piece of the puzzle that Einstein would need to complete his "Theory of Everything". Having completed his "General Theory", Einstein was repulsed by Quantum Mechanics. Quantum Mechanics is the thought of an infant compared to Einsteins thinking. However, in order to complete Einsteins "Theory of Everything" one has to account for other objects already existing in time and space that would or could interfere with one another. Thus one has to take into account the "Theory of Interference" aka "Quantum Mechanics" in order to write a perfect equation that could be called the "Theory of Everything".

Since Einstein, by rejecting an integral key to his "Theory of Everything", he went all the way around the bush only to find himself going in circles never being able to complete the formula. Objects in time and space effect one another. Therefore that effect/influence must be taken into account via Quantum Mechanics in order to complete a perfect "Theory of Everything". I believe that if Einstein had embraced Quantum Mechanics as only a small piece of the puzzle, he may have been able to complete his "Theory of Everything".

What do you think?


I am really disappointed in the response to my question. Bryce was the only one who chose to participate. I really thought that I was throwing out a gauntlet that would spark a stream of free thinkers out there. Alas they are few and far between these days! SAD!

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    Einstein should have thought outside the box.

    Once outside branch out from there. See how far it goes and if no sense is made of it maybe branch out more, depending. If I could think like him I'd make a diagram containing every thought and equation. A diagram somewhat like a vein, branching out, and if stumped with a ridiculous idea see how far and where it can lead to. Ruling out indefinitely what wasn't a part of "everything". One thing I could tell him from experience is that If he didn't believe in a "Personal GOD" I could understand that, but spirits are a factor, arguably of course. Point being if something he thought to be insignificant was in actuality true then things would be changed significantly. Not just a supernatural component but even maybe something like Quantum Mechanics or whatever else might not have been part of his stubbornness.

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    Interesting question. And WAY over my head.

    One thing I have wondered is if the speed of light, used as a constant, is really the true speed of light. Follow me on this: If you (or anything) attains the "Speed of light" (or "C" if you will) then time stops. IF C is measured in anything per second, minute or hour, then how can C achieve C?

    I postulate that as you approach C time slows down. I'm imagining a linear response. Supposedly half C would slow time by 1/2. So going faster than 1/2 C time would slow down and thus, your speed would too. So perhaps C (in E=MC2) is really the wrong number to be using. Maybe True C is actually 2C. Since all of this is over my head I could never hope to calculate all these theories or to ever prove my point.

    Side note: I've seen your answers for years. I think you are a stellar participant in YA. You respect people and give thoughtful answers, and I'm proud to share a forum with such a class act as yourself. Thanks for being here, I feel among intelligent people.

    Let me know what you think of my thoughts on this subject.




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    Einstein did try to formulate a general equation That would explain a Unified force that encompasses everything.However he was not able to give life to his field equation as what is the cause of everything.

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    i thought he was great.

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