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Should children be told about stories like Santa Claus, Easter Bunny or Tooth Fairy?

In response to a poem by Ma;_ylt=Anlnc...

This has raised a good question. Should children - be told - fantasy tales like - Santa - Easter Bunny - Tooth Fairy. Should their childhood be spared falsehood - for the sake of truth? How do you think it should be handled?

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    you just have fun with the 'Tale'.

    its not to be believed in for reals

    but to help kids grow an imagination,

    learn how to be giving and celebrate wonderful things.

    its fun later when they finally tell you their own versions.


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    You can go to far ether way but Imagination is part of growing up. As an adult Christian I see that the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus is carried to extremes. I have no children, so I am really not the best person to ask but I have seen people raised both ways and both have had problems.

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    Our children were raised in a pretty strict fundamental Christian home, so Christmas was centered around the Nativity and Easter around Calvary. Santa and the Easter Bunny were presented to them as folklore, fun fantasy but not what the holidays were about.

    The crux of my poem, however, was how a child who had doubts about life's truths, especially about whether she was loved, carefully crafted her questions to lead up to the one she wanted to know the truth about. She was pretty sure if her father admitted to lying about the first two test questions, he would admit to the lie she feared the most.

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    Look, these stories are fun for children. Sure, clowns and Santa Claus and all that aren't in any way realistic, but come on. They're children. Realism is boring. Real life is going to work every day, and falling into a routine.

    Let children have some fun.

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  • Feral
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    Legends and fairy tales are integral parts of our culture, just as religions and political philosophies and economic theories are. If you're intent on withholding everything but truth from your children, they'll have to use their own imaginations to answer all the mysteries of life.

    No, ya gotta help 'em out -- let them understand, first hand, what it's like to have a belief that later turns out to have been folly. Let them enjoy the fantasy of pure selfless generosity represented in our folk tales, so they'll see the contrast when they enter the adult world. Maybe they'll be the ones who can make a difference ....

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    I think children should be told the tale of St. Nick and how he gave presents to the poor children. Then celebrate by exchanging presents.

    One should not say, however, that St. Nick is still alive as santa claus and magically comes down your chimney.

    It cheapens what the saint actually did, and makes him not celebrated for his deeds after the said child ages.

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    Children learn good values through stuff like that, as long as you don't go too far. About santa tho, I think it's better for a child to know that the presents under the tree are acutally from his family and not some chunky granpa in red clothes, because it strengthens the bounds

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    I told my children very early those characters were legends and myths, but it was fun for some to pretend they were real. Because it's a touchy matter, I always warned them not to tell other children, else they or their parents might be upset. Didn't stop us from making up stories about giants and dragons and sea monsters though. Truth does not hamper imagination.

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    It adds to the fun of being young. You should believe things as a child that your adult self doesn't. being a kid is fun. Do you remember when you found out that santa wasn't real? Christmas is never the same again :)

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    I don't think it's a good idea. I didn't teach my children that; therefore I don't believe children should learn from lies. Mine are fine and I most certainly don't believe anyone else should take the credit for what God is allowing me to do. I do celebrate these holidays and I might put money under they pillow for a loss tooth, but I especially don't buy things for Easter or teach them that Jesus has anything to do with eggs or bunnies.

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