Are you concerned about Obama's Czars and associations the extreme radicals that would undermine WE THE PEOPLE?

Please tell me that Glenn Beck and I are not the only ones concerned about this?...Radicals as advisers and Czar's that are accountable to no one..but of course the President?!? This is madness! This is more than Republican Vs. Dem's. This is the beginning of the end of Democracy! I for one am not going to allow this to happen with out asking questions!

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    Yes I do see it as well. It did not take Glenn Beck to tell me about it. "WE THE PEOPLE." need to act quickly starting in 2010 and every election thereafter.


    We need to have a absolute FIRE SALE. in Washington. EVERYONE MUST GO, no exceptions. Right or left, it does not matter. All the bums in Washington have been corrupted and need to be put out of office.

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    I'm very concerned. People have been pushed into a corner by this communist and his supporters. the up rising at the town halls show only a small portion of those willing to stand up against this. I'm stead fast against it as well as everybody I've had a chance to discuss it with. The only support I've seen are people who are being paid to protest it. I think it will get passed anyway. I think what's going on has already been decided for us. I also think that this will not go unchecked by the people.

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    Glenn Beck is a phony and a clown. The man is trying to make money and sell books by scaring people who will believe anything. Everying he says is absolute comical nonsense.

    An clear example of his nonsensical bloviating was demonstrated when he said in an interview that the president has a "deep-seated hatred for white people." Seconds later, Beck said, "I'm not saying he doesn't like white people." So apparently, you can like someone, while having a deep-seated hatred for them. Does that make any sense to you?

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    "We the People" was undermined decades ago.

    Now it's the cronies and special interests of the politicians who are represented by the invididuals in Congress.

    That's why we have all of the pork and earmarks (which Obama promised to eliminate, during his campaign). That's why we have this insane orgy of spending, to benefit the cronies, the special interests, to give the fatcat failed incompetent execs bailout money, so that they can give themselves and each other bonuses.

    As long as voters keep electing and reelecting the same bunch of crooked, lying, thieving politicians that we have, it won't change.

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    1 decade ago

    The thing that Obama wants more than anything else is to be re-elected. Same as any other politician.

    Glenn Beck is an entertainer, it's like listening to Alec Baldwin talk about politics - it's irrelevant.

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    Gee...lumping yourself in with Glenn Beck. I guess you don't need ME to comment on your ignorance, huh?

    But, to answer your question. Nope. Not concerned. Thanks for asking, though. Bigger question is why are YOU concerned with having people that are dedicated to solving individual problems?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I am too. But I'm dead and cannot vote.

    Do good.

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