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Will my parrot try this with a new parrot?

I have a quaker parrot, and I want to get him another parrot to socialize with when I'm not around. I'm thinking a lovebird. But, Should I get a boy if my quaker is boy? But, if I get a girl could the quaker and lovebird breed?

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    No. They can't breed. Not genetically compatible.

    In most cases, they shouldn't be housed together either. As a general rule, different species should be kept in separate cages. Both of these birds can be aggressive, and a territorial battle could cause serious harm or death to either of the birds.

    In addition, if do get another bird, it should be examined by a vet, and kept in quarantine (away from your quaker) for at least 30-45 days to prevent spreading disease.

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    that is two different breeds and they may or may not get along. They will not breed with each other. I have three birds one is an African grey and the other is a blue font. They have never tried to breed. they keep their distance from each other. There is no dislike on their part they just know each one its different. A lovebird should be in pairs. if you don't want to breed birds get the same sex. The only way to do that is with a dna test from a vet. So think about it. But birds will socialize with humans first unless they came as a pair.

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    If you put another bird in with your existing bird and they form a bond, the birds will no longer be friendly towards you. Mated birds do not need you once mated and they will be aggressive towards you. If you want another bird keep it in a separate cage and they will both remain friendly to you and will keep each other company from across the room.

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